Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013

I feel like a real missionary now. I've knocked more doors now than most missionaries in Korea will their entire missions. They have these huge 20-30 story buildings with security locks, but we just push
buttons until someone lets us in. Or we sneak in. And then knock until someone calls security to kick us out. We've had some fun stories, men opening the door in their underwear (speedo style), people just
screaming and slamming the door, and more. One guy opened the door, looked at us "ONE SECOND." closed it. Then comes back, hands us two oranges, then just shuts the door. What?!?. We did get let in once though! But they just fed us tea and wanted to hang out. "Jesus, no! English, yes!" That happens a lot. And I was offered cigarettes. That's a first.

Christmas was AMAZING. We went to Seoul for a mission wide conference, and it was great. Our conference was soooo good. I felt such a wonderful spirit and received tons of personal revelation. Just what I needed. And we had a sweeeet talent show. The professional parkour Elder(we were tight in the mtc) was doing an act, but before he started he just yells out "Where's Rosenberg? I need a beat!" So I
dropped him a little something while he flipped off of walls and spun off the stage. What a large in stature man. But I haven't beatboxed since I got to Korea so it was weird. And other than MTC people, know one had ever heard me do it. So that was fun.

Because there's not a lot of people on the streets, we've been working through the old call sheets and records from old missionaries. We've called hundreds of people, and have found some great people! We met one guy already and he seems super interested, "I'm the student, you're the teacher, I just want to learn about this book." Sweeeeet. The miracles are everywhere.

An English class member told us something that bothered me this week.  "You missionaries are so pure, so clean; and you have such a light. But that surely cannot last. You are young now, and still unspotted from the world. That cannot last. I'm afraid your light will surely fade." Wow. I sure hope this is not the best I'm going to be! I sure hope I haven't peaked yet! We told him that he was wrong. And testified of Christ, his gospel, and his atonement. The reason we have that light is because we have lived the gospel of Jesus Christ this far. And if we continue to live it, rather than be brought down, we
will press forward, become better and better. Through Christ's atonement I can be redeemed from my mistakes. I can receive the enabling strength to sustain good works that would be otherwise
impossible. Because of my Savior, I can have a hope that I will someday be perfect. Each day is a day to become something more. The gospel is a message of hope and improvement, not of a doomed state of damnation. My light will grow, not fade. All this because of my Savior. I know he lives. I know he loves us. I've felt his love, his hope, his healing. And I can never deny that.

--Costco. We went to one in Seoul. Same thing. Just more expensive and
all in Korean. And they sell some Korean food too. But same MUFFINS <3
----We went to this sweeeet outdoor market last pday. One of the most
famous in Korea. Sweet trees.--This lady was selling octopus's/octopi/whatever. You'd pick one and
she'd lift its head up and just chop it's brains out.

love you all! Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 23,  2013
My new area, ,동해, donghae, is AWESOME!
It's the country so it's beautiful and mountainy. And tons of snow.  And awesome. And it has these world famous sunrises that 75% of korea comes to see at new years. And it has one of the most popular beaches in Korea. It's SOOOO pretty.The water is an amazing shade of blue.

 There are SO much less people than in Seoul, so you can't afford to not talk to anyone! And we have to do a lot of actual knocking doors because no one is on the streets at night here. My companion, Elder
McFarland, is great. He's ready to work hard, be obedient, and get some baptisms! It's pretty funny because we're both pretty bad at Korean. "Do you now what he said?" "Nope." And we just go with it!
Since we're opening a new area, we've been working super diligently and have talked to SOOO many people. In only the 4.5 days we've had here, I've talked to twice as many as some entire weeks in Seoul. I'm super excited!

Our branch is 18 strong and is pretty great. They're super close and are a little different than American wards. They've got a nice bright Christmas tree in the chapel and a they tried to leave the Christmas
party decorations up for sacrament meeting. But they're super fun and have the cutest little girls, 3 and 6 yrs old. Korean children are ADORABLE.

Us missionaries performed "I heard the bells on christmas day" for the branch party. But we broke it down to a rap halfway through. So I broke my beatboxing fast for that short time. It was pretty sweet. And the members thought it was so funny. Hopefully not too sacrilegious....

I thought a girl was a boy yesterday: just doing the usual proselyting, basically flirting with the boy, telling him how handsome he is. But when I told "him" that he was so big and strong and must 18, "he" said in english "I girl!!!!" ooooopss. pretty awkward. But a common problem here.

We visited a less active they've been working with, who used to smoke two packs a day. As they've worked with him, he's really turning his life around, and making huge changes. And now "tobbacco is starting to just taste bad" what a sweet miracle.

We're been really focusing on the Book of Mormon this month. So we're trying super hard to give them out to people. And so many miracles are happening. In Seoul, I'd offer everyone I talked to a Book of Mormon, but I'd maybe give out 5-6 a day. But here, as we set high goals in faith and really pray to soften people's hearts, we've been giving out 12 or more a day. People who have little interest and don't want to meet us, still accept a Book of Mormon, and are touch by our testimony of it. Though they aren't prepared now, giving them this gift of infinite price offers them a chance to come unto Christ later. It's really been a testament to me of teh power of the Book of Mormon. It's true. It changes lives, especially mine. If you study it, in faith and humility, you will find answers. The other day I was studying how to do better door approaches. So I looked at ammon's "door approach" to King lamoni. Soooo much great insights. Missionaries didn't knock 20 stories columns of apartments in those days, trying to avoid getting kicked out by the security men, knocking on doors so they can't see us on their cameras. But the Book of Mormon still holds the answers we need TODAY. I love it. I try to live it. And my heart truly "rejoiceth in the scriptures." I find so much comfort and peace and inspiration
from it. I know it's God's word and I'm telling EVERYBODY that!

Love you all, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16,  2013

Transfer calls came! I'm getting sent to 동해! The coldest part of
Korea! And it's only 3-4hrs away from the rest of the mission. Super
far by speedy train. It's all the way by the east coast by the beach.
Apparently it's super nice in the summer, a big tourist spot. But in
the winter? We're talking frozen tundra with few people. WOOOHOOOO! I
can't wait. ANd my comp will be the same mission age as me, 3rd
transfer. So going to be fun. For those, and several
other reasons, it'l looking like 동해 might have the trials and miracles
I've been praying and hoping for! Much fun and growth await! YEAHHHH!

But that means I have to leave 길음. AHhhh I love them so much. You
don't realize how much you love someone until you have ot leave
them....we visited the old ward mission leader last night and I
started tearing up as we left. (One of the pictures is with him and
his family! They are amazing. Remind me of my family...) And my comp is going ZL, so our area is whitewashed.
AHHHH. But he's taking some of them with him, thank goodness. When
you've been working with someone for so long and watching them
slowlyyyy progress, you can't bare to have someone else mess it up and
not appreciate how far they've come. Especially because last night
Brother 안 accepted a baptismal date! He's the sweet grandpa who points
out how "beautiful" I am regularly and likes to hold my hand. Part of
the motivation for baptism was this: I'm getting transferred and I'll
have to go back to America. But if he gets baptized, he'll be able to
see me again after we die! Not the best reason, but it added the icing
to his growing faith and helped him make that commitment.

So it's been snowing alot. So much that we need umbrellas some days.
And the sidewalks are all super icy. So I slide EVERYWHERE. It used to
be fun.....until I heard that last winter an ELder slipped, got sent
home, and wasn't able to come back. WHAT. NOT HAPPENING TO THIS ELDER.
But unfortunately I keep slipping. Here's the miracle: everytime I've
fallen, hard, I just pop back up. Not even a bruise or sore spot. It
literally feels like angels catch me on the way down. And I've had
some pretty huge wipeouts, remember Korea is 75% hill? YEah.
Definitely some divine intervention.

The other day, I was jundo-ing (the term for proselyting, or what we
spend teh most time doing) and this guy was not intersted at all. So I
hand him a card, tell him to call us, and wish him a good night. Then,
as I"m waving goodbye, I slip and totally DROPKICK him in the back.
That's what you get for not accepting salvation.....

It's all true. I love this work. I had a really powerful experience
the other day as I testified about the love we can feel when we pray.
God knows us, loves us, and because we are his children, he wants to
talk with us. As we do, we can receive such amazing strength and feel
such deep and abiding love.

Alma 56:46--God is with us and he will not suffer us to fall. We might
slip.....but we can get back up. You can do it now!

Love you all. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

We had the coolest service project this week!!!1 Making kimchi! Right outside a Buddhist temple! It made me realize why the grandmas are all bent over here. 3hrs shucking onions on a little stool.

So I've been thinking about service. And happiness. I had so much fun making kim chi for others (if I didn't know that the gospel would help them more, I'd make kimchi for 2yrs.) It's amazing how much happier you are when you help others instead of yourself. When you focus outward and think of other's needs, your own problems seem so small.

The best service we can render is that of the work of salvation. Helping others attain that sweetest of goals. Our families, our friends, people we love, people we've just met.  Part of that is missionary work, part of that is temple and family history work. Part of that is just going about doing good. Loving and serving all those around you.  It brings joy. It brings strength. It brings power.

I love it. That's why I'm truly happy. Hearing people here say that money makes them happy and their dream is a bigger house....makes me so sad. They need something more. They need this gospel

Love you all. Serve, give, truly learn to live.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Brigham Young, was called on a mission while on his sickbed. As the
wagons rolled out of the valley with him, he stopped it, pulled
himself up, and yelled back to his family, "Hurrah for Israel!"

I've been thinking about that a little this week, and the gift of
eternal optimism. We really need to face trials or challenge with such
an attitude. So this week when our water heater broke for 2 days and
we took frigid showers that caused me to lose feeling in my feet?
Hurrah for Israel!!! When I'm running home in the sleeting rain,
trying to balance my umbrella over my box of heavy groceries, trying
to keep the cardboard from getting so soggy it rips, the mile home?
Hurrah for Israel!! My challenges are so small compared to those that
other face. But regardless of the situation...HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! You
could not pay me to wipe the smile off my face in those situations. I
love it!!! People just think I'm that crazy foreigner who smiles wayyy
too much. But what have we to be sad about? Christ overcame the world,
so let us be of good cheer!

Thanksgiving was great. So much American food with a super generous
American family. I barely made it home. They lived in a sweet
apartment with 40 some floors. But sharing the spiritual message with
them was amazing. It's the first time I've had a chance to share a
message like that in English, so I was way nervous. It's so much
easier in Korean. I was praying like crazy. But as I opened my mouth
to talk about Christ and his atonement, the things that we are most
grateful for, the words just flowed. All those promises about your
mouth being filled? I didn't even think, things just came out. I asked
inspired questions, and testified with a power that I have rarely felt
before. It was a tender mercy from the Lord to not have to worry about
the language for once. Just about helping people come to Christ.  The
Spirit was so strong. I don't remember what I said, only the way I
But I shouldn't worry about Korean! I should have faith and just
testify away anyway!

Love you all! Pray for you!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25,  2013
This week's been great! We got to go to the temple again. So amazing.

Enjoy the great Korean phrases....everything that's in english here is
just not quiteeee right.

Rain is called "pee." So people say "Pee came." Fun stuff. But now
it's hail and snow....woohoo!

I was struck by an interesting phenomenon this week. When ever you
feel like you want to take a break, or stop talking to people, that's
when you get the most tired. But if you push through and talk to more
people, working as hard as you can, that's when you feel the
strongest. As I'm walking home in the rain, or freezing wind: if I
pray and look for that one person to give my last Book of Mormon to,
if I stop literally everyone I can to try an invite just one more to
come unto Christ before I get home.....that's when I feel the
happiest, the most energetic, the most at peace. It's great!!!! And
there's nothing like rejection that makes you want to talk to more
people. If you're ever sad....just smile and work harder. It's the
miracle medicine!

Also, I had another great moment of scripture study this week. If you
study the Book of Mormon prayerfully with a question in mind, you can
receive an answer. It doesn't matter what the question is or where
you're reading. Follow the Spirit, listen, search, and you will find!
I was reading in 2 Nephi 28 this week. That part is about wicked
churches, apostasy, and evil. I was praying to know how my comp and I
could have better planning sessions. And I received so much
revelation! I found answers. Even though what I was reading had
nothing to do with what I wanted to learn, I could still find ways to
apply it to my life. That's how you feast upon the words of Christ.
That's how you liken them unto yourself.

This is work is just so great! I love it so much. I know that Christ
is my Savior and that this is his true and restored church. And no one
can ever take that away from me!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18,  2013

This week was a week of miracles. Our investigators are actually progressing! We had a bunch lined up for church, then all but one wouldn't answer their phones. But suddenly as the meeting was starting, a guy we had only met once on the street called and said he was in front of the church!  It's been amazing to see people actually keeping their commitments. When they do, they truly do change. The difference is real. They seem so much happier and they are proud of their progress. The Lord is truly pouring out his spirit over the people of 길음.  We had a day today where we contacted 3 times our previous max in one day.....a huge miracle.

A service center called and asked to use the field by our church for a "laughing activity." We agreed and said we'd participate. Turns out to be 30 grandma/grandpas sitting on a mat together. So we join. Then this lady from the service center has us play rock paper scissors. And that's how it went. 30 70+ yr olds, 7 23 and under yr olds, all playing kindergarten games together. I've never laughed so hard in my life. We played this choo choo train game that involved old men messaging my back. Pretty sweet. but the best part: the grannies were
laughing sooo hard. but the grandpa's? classically stoic. Of the 15, maybe 3 participated. The rest just hid in the back. sooo fun.

Korean food is sooo good. I've yet to try anything I don't like. I had some raw fish stuff the other day and that was a little weird. But not too bad.

At night, the male population of Seoul is always in drunk, just in varying degrees. It's never a question of if, just how much. So that makes street contacting at night super fun.

One night it was super cold, and raining. Our appointments had all cancelled and we didn't know what to do. So we got down and prayed. I felt like we should go out and street contact anyway (instead of making calls to former investigators). So out we went. I just felt that if this was what God wanted us to do, he was going to place someone in our path. So I had to talk to everybody! I literally ran down people on bikes, and despite the freezing rain, I was soooo warm inside. It was an incredible feeling of faith fueled fire. As we smiled and met new people, we faced lots of rejection, but we also found 2 new investigators. One of which just showed up to church. AWESOME. The Lord truly leads this work. He watches over us and blesses us when we seek his will and then act in faith.

2 Nephi 28:30. Blessed are those who don't stop asking. Once one line of revelation comes, we always need another. So keep asking! And ye shall receive!

Love you all! Sorry for the frozen computer and lack of email last week. As the Korah says, "Sleep is good, prayer is better!"

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

We had the most rocking Halloween Party ever this weekend! All run by
the missionaries, and the members actually invited their friends! It
was AWESOME. We made pinatas, tons of games, and it was sooooo cool.
And even though lots of stuff wasn't really halloweeny, they don't
know any different. And one girl invited her friends to come perform a
little K-pop number. Reminded me of my good old acappella days. But
there were tons of miracles in making it come together. One of
which.....the Koreans didn't like cake. It's too sweet, so they scarf
down the seaweed and fruit, but don't touch the cake or cookies. So we
brought home most of a costco cake and destroyed it ourselves.

Also, I ended up in another Elder's bed the other night. He said he
woke up at 1am to me just PLOP, landing in his bed. Then I started
street contacting to him.....weird.

Our President shared the stat: it takes about 1000 street contacts to
find someone who has a good chance of getting baptized. So I need to
talk to more people!!!!!!

It's great to see the Lord strengthening you and enabling you to be
better. I placed a ton of Book of Mormons this week on my own. But
it's also interesting to see how quickly you can come to rely on your
own power and not the Lord's. So don't get complacent, always seek

Halloween pumpkin

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28,  2013

Koreans have this sweet phrase when they answer the phone. Instead of saying "Hello?" They say "Are you my honey?" Classic.

We had some good days this week. One day we were on fire! We taught two good lessons, but then our other appointments cancelled so we did a ton of street contacting. Literally everyone we talked to straight up rejected us. They wanted nothing of our message. So the first hour was hard. But we kept at it. And finally we started finding prepared people and were able to teach some street lessons.

I had my first member meal this week! I have never been so full in my life. those stories about korean families feeding you and feeding you and....yup. All true. But we shared an awesome message about family mission plans, courtesy of PMG pg 220. My family had one, so I felt inspired to start talking to members about them. It was really cool to see the Lord working through me to help us deliver an inspired message, with a commitment that will help them be better missionaries!  And I even shared some personal examples in Korean. Pretty cool.

I've been studying the PMG phrase: "Your calling gives your authority, keeping your covenants gives you power."

So what covenants have I made? Baptismal covenants, priesthood covenants, temple covenants. WOW. There is so much spiritual power available through honoring those.  "That thy spirit might always be with
them"-sacrament prayers. D&C 109:22-armed with power, D&C109:15-receive the fullness of the holy ghost. And soooo much more.  And those covenants aren't made only by full time missionaries. Any
worthy covenant keeper is entitled to that power. Not to the same authority, but to incredible spiritual power. All contingent on how well you keep your covenants. Wow......what a blessing.D&C109 is full
of amazing blessings from the temple, ones specifically pertaining to missionary work (109:23,29.)

Of all things, Korean's love american fried chicken. this is KFC's
double tower MAX or something like that. 1 meal heart attack.

Beautiful $3 korean ties. The staple of our existance: rice and Corn Flight.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures October 21, 2013

October 21,  2013

October 21,  2013

My companion was gone for half of this week, military training! So I
exchanged with a Zone Leader, Elder Luker. It was an awesome
experience. I learned soooo much from him, and I could understand so
much more of his "foreigner korean"." But it's good to have Elder
Jeong back! I also had my first Korean Mexican food. A burrito....with
tons of cabbage and potatoes inside, among some other regular
ingredients. I chose to get the "Very Spicy" version. My mexican
housemate failed to finish his when he went last week.....too hot. So
naturally I had to try. One bite. The face turns red. The tears come.
I have never endured such physical agony because I what I was eating.
But I endured to the end. Self discipline. Overcoming the natural man

Sunday we had our first investigator come to church!!!! It was an
amazing feeling and an amazing miracle. On saturday we visited Brother
Chey and he committed to come. He always says he will, but doesn't.
This time however, he called his church, in front of us, and told them
he wasn't going this week. WOOHOOO! Finally all our prayers on his
behalf pay off!!!! As we sat with him in sacrament meeting, I was
overcome with gratitude. People rarely come to church, so this was a
tender mercy, a great miracle. And seeing the smile on his face as
members introduced themselves made the hours of sitting in his house,
not understanding ANYTHING, all worth it. He's still progressing super
slowly, but the Lord has his eye on Brother Chey.  I've been trying to
have more charity for him as well. He's old, physically handicapped,
slightly mentally impaired as well, and I can't understand anything he
says. (When I visited him with the non korean zone leader, he could
understand I don't feel as bad) So when we teach, I try
really hard to focus on him, praying for him and my companion. But
it's pretty difficult. So this week, I tried to put myself in his
position. As I strove to understand him, my love for him increased. I
can't understand anything he says, but I can understand his
situation. He's often in much pain, lonely, without much purpose, and
needs so deeply the blessing of the restored gospel.

I had more small miracles as we street contacted this week. I had
experiences where I had no idea what to say, but as I opened my mouth
the Lord filled it. And those were often the times where we actually
got their number. As I strove to follow the spirit more in knowing
where to go, we were more effective. And even when discouragement or
feelings of uselessness start to begin, they are easily replaced by
the Savior's love. Hope, happiness, and faith are choices. You can
choose to be discouraged or you can choose to press on in faith. I am
learning more and more that while I am not comfortable with my
weaknesses, I must be patient with them. Everyday is a day of
decision. And those daily decisions determine destiny. So choose to be
happy! Choose to be faithful! Choose to sacrifice your will for the

I'm learning more about Grace as well. Grace is not really us climbing
part way up a mountain, "doing our best," and then stopping. Then
Christ carries us the rest of the way up the mountain, "Christ does
the rest." No, rather it is more like us leaning on Christ and
climbing the whole mountain on our power, made strong enough through
Christ's continual, enabling Grace. Sometimes you feel "Oh, I just
can't do my best." I think "Oh, I should have talked to that person,
oh I'm not doing my best or all I can." But we need to trust more in
Christ's grace. His "grace is sufficient for us" (2Cor12:9) in order
to help us do our best. He takes our strength and makes it more,
empowers us to do more. He perfects our efforts (Hebrews 12:2).

For me, it is only by leaning on the daily strengthening power of
Christ's Atonement--his Grace--that I can get by. Sometimes I have to
lean more heavily then others, but I can take comfort in knowing that
Christ is by my side, every step of the way. We need not walk alone,
"doing our part/doing our best." He is always there!

We are to be perfect, but perfection is a process. So be patient (D&C 67:13).

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14,  2013

It's a strange place to be emailing from, a "pc bahng," or massive
game room with leather chairs and nice computers. 3$ for 2.5 hrs. And
lot's of screaming Koreans and the sounds of video game violence. But
this is one of the cleaner ones, so we're lucky.

It's been a great week! The days sure are long, but the weeks sure are
fast! I feel like I've already been here forever. I've taught more
english classes then ever in my life, and held more male hands than
ever before. (Koreans are super touchy. But it's cool. Hebrews 13:1) I
met a professional soccer player, got his number and enjoyed he and
his girlfriend's matching phone, shoes, shirts, pants, rings,
bracelets, and bags. It's called 'couple-ing' and it's a thing. A big
thing. I've eaten lots of seaweed, strange meats, suspicious
mushrooms, crazy veggies and so much DELICIOUS food. It's amazing.
Things I never would have tried....I love. I'm definitely becoming
Korean. I think it has something to do with the Kimchi. It seeps into
you. Korean's have lots of pizza too. But with really different
toppings. No one's heard of cheese pizza, but sweet potato pizza?
Classic. Everyone and their mother asks if I have a girlfriend. I say
no, I'm a missionary. Then they always, without fail, gesture around
and instruct me to pick one! Funny. It's great to go up to students
who know english and tell them "OH my! You are very handsome!" In
english. Great way to start a gospel conversation.

Also, this past week the elementary school near our apartment has been
practicing for something. We've heard it's for their performance at
the World Cup? But it involves them BLASTING music that echoes through
the neighborhood for hours. And so much screaming. It sounds like the
world cup is actually happening over there. So it's fun to study with
that going on :) Just another day in paradise.

General Conference was AMAZING. I only ended up being able to watch
the priesthood and sunday sessions, but it was still SUPER good. I've
always loved conference, and love how all the questions I take there
get answered. But I've never received the amount of personal
revelation that I did at this conference. I learn much from the words
that were spoken but SO much more from the Spirit. My notes mostly
have nothing to do with the speakers' talks. So I'm excited to get the
Ensign and study the talks more!

But I did love two particular teachings. "To win a man to your cause,
you must first convince him that you are his sincere friend." I would
add that we must also truly be that sincere friend. This applies so
much to missionary work. For most people, it's not the doctrine that
leads them to meet with the missionaries, but the way they feel, the
love they feel, or how happy/nice the missionaries seemed. Because in
Korea, a huge part of our time is spent street contacting, convincing
people that you are their friend is super important. It's amazing to
see how my love for people is growing, and how quickly I am coming to
be there friend. I had a miracle happen the other day. On the subway,
I was talking to this man, alone, and I carried on an entire
conversation with him. (My Korean is DEFINITELY not good enough for
that). But through the spirit, and because of my love for him, and the
relationship we built, we were able to understand each other and I was
able to teach a little bit about the restoration. From that subway
ride, we had 2 people call US afterwards. That doesn't happen.

The other point was this "Good timber does not grow with ease; the
stronger the wind, the stronger the trees." I LOVE this. As a huge
proponent of the blessings of trials, I am always excited to learn
more about how we grow through challenges. I've been thinking about
how sometimes strong wind will not come to us. We will grow strong
enough to easily withstand the wind we face at our present level. So
it is up to us to reach out and seek stronger wind, more difficult
circumstances; to step out of our comfort zone. For me, that is
relying on my native companion to save me when I jump into
conversations over my head. On the subway after conference, I prayed
for the strength to really reach out and talk to people on my own, not
looking for my companion to talk with me. (Usually I start the
conversations and he finishs them) It was definitely hard. I had a lot
of people shut me down. But miracles happened. As noted above, I got
more phone numbers than ever before in one day and we had people call
US whom I'd just given our card to. When we seek for challenge and
strive to better ourselves, regardless of the current situation, we
WILL be blessed with strength. And we will grow.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pictures in Korea

October 7,  2013


I'm here! Finally in the beautiful land of Korea! The people are  short, the buildings are tall, and everything is beautiful. The massive department stores, the huge smartphones that everyone over
5yrs old owns, the narrow streets, the multitudes of motorcycles that ignore all traffic laws, the smells of hundred street food stands, the sounds of blaring Kpop on every corner, ALL is amazing, wonderful, and like a dream. But it all seems so familiar, like I've always lived, belonged, and served here. It's AWESOME.

The streets are narrow and hilly, like some European countryside, except overwhelmingly urban. Hilly, sharply cornered, and busily with action. You just walk in the street and jump to the side whenever a car decides to squeeze through. There are tons of sage looking old Asian men. We talked to a couple 90+ yrs olds this week. They were just walking around, all fine. American 90yr olds are usually on their deathbed. These ones like hiking.

Hiking is like the national sport, so hiking dress/gear is the most popular attire for middle aged adults. Everyone younger looks SOOO stylish. Koreans are definitely the most fashionable people. Suits are
silken and shining and everywhere. It's sweet.

Enough about the place, let's talk about the WORK! Missionary work is so fun! We don't really have a lot of investigators in Korea (our companionship currently has zero progressing ones) so most of our work is finding! The most common method is street contacting! So we just walk the streets and talk to as many people as we can! All I can say is "Hi." "Oh you are stylish" "Oh your impression is so becoming" (get's them blushing every time) and "where are you going?" But it's fine. My companion Elder Jeong (or 정지호 장로님) is really good at Korean. Probably because he's a native of Busan, Korea. He's 22, already served in the military, and is our district leader. He's AWESOME. The Lord definitely put me with him for many reasons. He doesn't speak a ton of English, but I'm still super impressed with how much he knows. We usually get most things communicated alright, between my really bad Korean, his English, and the dictionary. But he's an amazing blessing.
He helps me stay focused, because we can't really talk about non missionary things. I love him so much. He's incredibly patient with me. And I'm super grateful that he's willing to be obedient. and that he's alright working hard, because I'm am SOOO into that. I'm all for walking briskly, talking to everyone, and going sooo hard. It's GREAT. But since he speaks native Korean, I understand pretty much nothing he says when we talk to people. But I'm great at starting conversations, partly because I'm tall, white and blonde, and partly because he taught me some money phrases that make me sound like a Korean. And my "I speak as much Korean as a rat's tail" line get's them laughing every time. SMILE. It's great.

With all that being said, this work is hard. I have small moments everyday where I think "AHHHH I'm awful at Korean and I understand no one." So I know thoroughly my inadequacies. I always quickly turn by to excited optimism, but it's hard. I've only been here a week, but I feel like I should know so much more than I do. I was studying on Sunday, and I came across some verses that really hit me. Hebrews 11:33-34, 2Cor 12:10, and D&C 50: 13-16,40-44.  1st off: Paul was really good about "learning to dance in the rain." I certainly glory in afflictions here. When my feet hurt, I think "YES!" when people reject me or scream mean things, I think "YES." But I once again the exclamation "When I am weak, then am I strong" really resonated with me. When we are weak, then are we humble. And when we are humble and rely on the Lord, we can do things never before possible. In that we are strong. We also are made stronger through our trials and challenges. I love hard things. I love being broken down and through trials being "made more perfect." The D&C verses were powerful too. I am called to preach the gospel, not to feel sorry for myself. Lose yourself. Again, things I know, but gratefully reinforced. And the words "hereafter" I will make you strong. PATIENCE. We are children and cannot bear all things now. Becoming a missionary, becoming like
God, both are processes. Line upon line. I must be patient with myself and not expect to be perfect right now. All I can do is try my best, demonstrate faith through action, and strive each day to be a little better than the day before.

I see miracles each day. Sunday: I had to give my introduction/testimony. I wrote out what I wanted to say and my companion translated it. except he did it in native Korean. So I knew pretty much NONE of the grammar. It would have been like memorizing a ton of new words and grammar,etc. Way overwhelming. But I knew that as long as I practiced hard, and had faith, the Lord would lead me to say what he wanted. So worked on it a ton. And I wasn't nervous at all. That's the great thing about faith. Do all you can, and don't worry about it. That's a talent/skill/trait the Lord has blessed me
with: not worry about things. I got up and did my best. I didn't say it all correctly, and didn't say most of the translated stuff, but I got my message a crossed and made a strong first impression. The
members were all blown away that I'd only been in Korea for 5 days. And the other Elders kept asking me if I was at the top of my MTC class for Korean.( NO WAYYY.) And the best part is that I know with a surety  that it was not me. I'm not that good. But I prepared well, and trusted in the Lord, and he did not abandon me.

Another miracle: I stopped to talk to this guy waiting for the bus. We talked a little and it came out that he had been living in Atlanta with his family for a long while. So he spoke English and his kids
speak mostly English. WHAT. It was like the best two years. SO I talked to him in English a little. He said that he was watching us and wondered if we'd come talk to him. He'd been thinking about church and felt that he wasn't really feeling anything at his current church. He took a Book of Mormon, and agreed to come to church on Sunday. But his car broke. So we're visiting him and his family tonight!!! Super excited. I see miracles everyday. I know the Lord prepares people to accept this message. You just have to talk to everyone in order to find them. When you know that prepared people are out there, it's not as hard to accept rejection on the street. You just press on and keep looking. We met someone who was in the same military unit as my companion and agreed to meet with us. Today in the immigration office I met a couple who'd spent the last 40 yrs in Virigina and they agreed to meet with us. It's amazing. The Lord truly guides this work.

I know this is where I'm supposed to be. I love it. I am weak, but in such am I strong. I can't say much, but I know I've been called by a prophet to share what I know. And I know it's true.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 27,  2013

So there's this korean saying "I speak as much Korean as a rat's
tail." And when white people say it with the equivilant of a Korean
southern accent, they think it's HILARIOUS. We make our native Koreans
here crack up everyday using it. That and saying other funny Korean

Well it's time! We leave for Korean at 3:30am Monday morning! Woohoo!
I can't wait. So excited. And the best part? I can teach so many
people on the ENGLISH! I want to talk to tons of people at
the airport, resteraunts, and on the plane. It's a little
intimidating, but I know for certain that if you have the faith to
open your mouth, it will be filled. If you show your trust in God by
even just trying, he will be right there to help. So I'm setting
specific number goals of people to talk to. I've got tons of pass
along cards and pamphlets! LET"S GO! So many new friends to make, so
many people I could help!

And when I get to Korea, I can't wait to talk to people! I know my
Korean is pretty much awful. But I love them so much that my poor
Korean won't matter too much. I love Koreans. I love the gospel. And I
can't wait to open my mouth.

We've been able to teach lessons to people in Korea via Skype for the
past couple weeks. SO COOL. Koreans are so nice, and so forgiving with
their language. And you can still feel the spirit so strongly even
over the internet.

Quick super cool experience:
Elder South and I were tracting and we found this new investigator,
Brother Paul. He was really only curious about the church and "crazy
mormons." He had read a lot of stuff online and thought we were super
funny. In our second lesson, he was asking some really hard questions
about priesthood and ordinances and kept laughing about Joseph Smith
and his "so many wives!" I suddenly felt prompted to share the Joseph
Smith story. When I started to share the first vision, he stopped
laughing. I stumbled through it, slowly, partly from memory. But when
I finished the spirit was so strong. Elder South testified that we
knew this thing really happened. I asked Brother Paul how he felt. He
had no words. He was literally confounded. All his anti mormon
feelings from before were gone. He finally stammered out that he felt
something different. The power of the first vision was so strong that
it changed his heart. The Spirit touched him so tenderly that his
doubts melted and his felt the beginnings of faith. It was an
incredible experience.

The Joseph Smith story is true. We can't 'run through the sacred
grove. When we share his account with authority and conviction, it
will invite the spirit like nothing else. It is true. It really
happened. God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ really did appear
to Joseph Smith. And we can know that it happened. All we have to do
is ask God, in the name of Christ, with faith, and he will tell us
through the Holy Ghost.

I love this work! There is nothing better! I can't wait for Korea! I
can't wait to keep working hard! I love getting better everyday. I am
certainly an unworthy, weak, and unprofitable servant. But the Lord
stills sees fit to use me, improve me, and bless me with his spirit.

I love you all and pray for you!

Elder Rosenberg

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13,  2013

With only two weeks left in the MTC, it's killing me to not be in Korea. But we survive.....somehow.

I thought I'd share an interesting experience with 'justifying in a little sin" and how it progresses.
So when I first got here, I beatboxed ALL the time. That's just what I do. But after a couple weeks, I realized that beatboxing didn't help me all. And it certainly didn't invite the spirit. So I
decided to stop. I was clean for a week or so. But I missed it. And apparently my district had spread the news of the "Sick Beatboxer" to the entire Zone. So I kept getting requests to display such beats. I
decided that it could be classified as a recreational it was fine on Pday, right? So I I beatboxed the next pday and it was great! But pday ends at 6pm. So at 9pm, I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth and this Elder wants me to beatbox for him. I refuse. So he gets 20 elders for the hall to crowd the bathroom chanting for the beatboxing. After much persuasion, I finally cave. In the words of our district leader, "Everyone's yelling and then Rosenberg just drops it. Silence. Too sick." So after that, I felt kinda bad. Then on Monday, I learn that one of our native koreans who's leaving that day also beatboxes reallyyyyy well. So we did a little beat boxing together, just for my district. But then that night, he was going to beatbox again. I wasn't going to because I already felt bad for breaking my
goal that day. But an Elder yells "BEATBOXING SESSION!" And the whole floor, 30-40 elders crowds the corner and once again I cave. So he and I did a little collaboration, then some solos, and then finished it up. It was sooooo good. But I felt awful. And then the next day I was studying the missionary handbook about music. We aren't supposed to listen to music that might dull our spiritual sensitivity through it's lyrics, tempo, BEAT, or intensity. And I knew that my musical percussion certainly dulled my spiritual sensitivity. So I decided then that I will not be beatboxing for the next 2 years. At all.

So is this just a story about Elder Rosenberg's beatboxing? No. I learned some important lessons from this experience. I originally had a strong resolve to stick to my goal. But little by little that resolve weakened. Once I justified just a little 'sin,' it became easier and easier to give in. And because I didn't have a totally firm resolve in the first place, it was easy for others to pull me down from my goal. Because I didn't have a firm testimony or understanding of the 'why' behind it, it was easy to give into pressure.  With the Lord's commandments, there is no room for ANY sin. We must obey perfectly. Anything less than "exact obedience' is really disobedience. We need to understand clearly why we have commandments.  And for the ones we don't fully understand, we need to have the faith
that because it's God's commandment, we must hold true. Because we love him, we must obey him. John 14:21--"He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. " And his will bless us as we are obedient. Remember Nephi's finally words: "I must obey."

The best part about this whole experience and it's relating metaphor?  The Atonement of Jesus Christ. We can always repent and become clean.  Not only can be redeemed, but we can also be enabled. We can be forgiven when we disobey and we can receive strength in order to obey. Great is the mercy of God. And great is his love for us. Romans 8:the ending verses--NOTHING can keep us from the love of God.

The mission is awesome! I love every moment. I feel so blessed and so happy. Never before have I done anything like this. This is truly the Lord's work, and if we desire, we can truly be his servants.

I love you all and pray for you daily! Your prayers and love are felt and appreciated.

Elder Rosenberg

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sept 6, 2013

This week has been wonderful. Elder South and I are teaching like never before. Our unity has improved so much since we started studying the "Teaching Skills" section of PMG together. He is improving his simplicity and I am improving my ability to actually speak. The other day while we were teaching Brother Kim we had a really touching experience. We were talking about the Holy Ghost and it's role. I asked him what he had learned thus far through the Holy Ghost. His response was basically his testimony. It was such a tender and powerful experience to hear him testify that now he knew God was his father. That Christ was his savior. That the Book of Mormon was true and that this church is God's church. It was awesome. Korean study has been great. I'm focusing more on using up the little bits of time throughout the day to study vocab. It's hard though. Some days I knock out 25 words, someday I struggle to do 5. I've been studying ahead in the grammar book a ton. So at this point, I've already learned EVERYTHING they plan on teaching us in our basic grammar book. That's cool. So I'm working on starting the more advanced grammar books/practicing the grammar I already know. It's interesting. For me, it's super easy to learn the concepts and to apply them in practice sentences. But they just don't come to me when I'm trying to speak. So I need a ton more speaking practice. Yesterday I told Elder South that I was not going to speak any English outside of the cafeteria, and residence hall. It worked pretty well. We're basically supposed to be doing that all the time. But it's hard to remember. And speaking part korean, part english doesn't work because the grammar is backwards. So FULL korean it is! I'm striving to do that more. 

On Sunday, one of the native Koreans, here for 2 weeks, got up to bear his testimony. He said that as he watched us bearing us testimonies, it reminded him of the the little children who would get up in his old ward. We didn't say much, we didn't talk quite right, but he could feel, without a doubt, that we knew what we were saying was true. Though simple, these testimonies born from the humility of little children were incredibly powerful. 

It's awesome to constantly strive to be better. I set harder goals, and try to be more effective than I was the day before. I have so much to learn and so much to become, but I know I am on the right path. The spirit's guidance is amazingly clear. I love it. As we pray with faith and humility, we are directed as to how to best accomplish this work. 

I've also been reflecting on how well I was prepared for this. I feel that the Lord blessed me so much in my early life as he gave me the experiences needed to best prepare me to be a tool in his hands. I think back on some of the experiences I've had: camp staff, pageant, marathon, TJ, leadership callings, SMOB, moving around so much, etc. I was shaped and molded for missionary work. So many of the talents and characteristic that I have been blessed with are optimized for missionary work. It's as if I was born and raised specifically for this. In a sense, I was. How blessed I am. But with this in mind, I feel a heavy responsibility. Where much is given, so much is required. I feel deeply the urgency to learn Korean so I can apply more of my abilities. But the ability to love and to make other feel loved spans the language gap. I love this work and I feel so blessed to be a part of this grand missionary force.  

As I've been rereading the beginning of this Book Of Mormon, I've been really impressed with Nephi. For him, the commandments are black and white. We follow them. That's just what we do. The Lord commands, we obey. You see it throughout this writings. And he cites the Lord's commandments without exception every few verses. Read the first 8 chapters or so and you will see. He was amazingly blessed for doing so. So also are we amazingly blessed for doing so. Just read a John 14:21,23,27 (Thats just off the top of my head so i might be a little off.) We obey because we love God. As we love him, he will love us. He will come to us. He will make his abode with us. And we will receive his peace. NOt the worldly imitations of peace or happiness, but the real long lasting kind of infinite joy and serenity that comes honly from him. Love it. 

Thanks for your prayers. I pray for you always. 

Elder Rosenberg.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 23

I'll try to make this short...not much time.

I am still soooo grateful for such a great companion. I learn things from him everyday. His passion fo rKorean is inspiring. He is such a loving a charitable Elder too. I am so blessed to know him. I really hope we get to serve together in Seoul down the road. 

I've started to put a new emphazize on SYL or Speak Your Languege. It's where you try to use Korean, as much as you know, all the time. It's making a big difference already. I know that as I continue to strive to SYL, miracles will occur and the gift of tongues will kick in even more. One sign that I'm learning more Korean: my English is getting way worse. Hmmmm.

I was released as District Leader. I'm so glad the Lord saw fit to call me to that position so early on. It was what I needed to be more humble, more stressed, and more reliant on him. I wouldn't have been nearly as challenged had I not had that  in the beginining. And I nkow now, more than ever, the power of the spirit in inspirign us. I would teach things, ask questions, and do things taht I know hweren't from me. The Lord used me as a tool to bless his children and I gerw so much because of that.

In the Elder Holland devotional, he talked about how wee were saved for this time. He didn't know why all of us were chosen, because he doesn't think that he is really any better than his ancestors, but for some reason, we were chosen to be the ones to perform the work in the last days. We are the ones that the whole world has waited for since its inception. Every dispensation ahs fallen into apostacy. Every prophet knew that he would inevitably fail; his people would fall away. But not this dispensation. This is the tim ewhere we finally win. This is the time that gave hope to all those who went before. And WE, all of us, not just full time missinoaies, are responsible to carry out that work. We owe SO much to those that went before. It really is a heavy load to bear, once you understand what he means. But it is super motivating. We are winning now! We cannot bear to let a moment pass by with out focusing on our purpose. 

The temple is wonderful. It was closed for cleaning so last week was the first time we got to go. AHHHH. So great. The changes are amazing too. I truly feel that they are an example of the greater revelation that is to come forth in the fullness of times. I'm sure the Lord could have taught me all that anyway, but I feel that so much more is now more fully explained. I understand so much more clearly our purpose on earth and the nature of the fall.\

I've been focusing a lot on prayer. Effective prayer takes great effort. My inherited prayer narcolepsy (DAD.) makes it take even greater effort. But I think I found a rememdy. Just as for an importnatn meeting one would prepare an agenda, I've begun to prepare somewhat of an agenda for my conversation with my Father in Heaven. Evening prayer is where you account for how you spent HIS time that day on the mission. I've found my prayers meaning much more and being so mcuh more sweet to my soul. It is such a blessing. Don't rush the privilenge of talkign with your Father in Heaven. Pray for trials. Pray to know who you can serve, and how you can sacricfcie in their behalf.

The Plan of Salvation is so precious. How tuching it is taht the most all powerful, all knowing being would want so badly for us to return to him and be like him, that he would spent ALL of his time working on that. (moses 1:39) He WANTS us to return to him. So all we incounter in life is for our good and will help us return to him. We need to see that. It brings such peace and perpective to life. My how the people of Korea will be blessed by such a Plan of Happiness!

Oh and I taght my district to split apples. hahahahahaha It's pretty great. 

Love you all so much! Keep praying for me! Keep writing me! Do great things! 

Elder Rosenberg
August 16

Hi Family,
Elder South and I have continued to teach investigators every day. At the beginning of this week, I decided that we shouldn't bring notes or scripts into our lessons with us. Our teacher was telling the Sisters how you just have to trust in the gift of tongues, and leave your notes behind so you can teach by the spirit more. I thought, "well, if we prepare hard, and show enough faith, the Lord will bring the things we need to our remembrance." Thankfully Elder South had enough faith to go along with it. That first no note lesson was AMAZING. We taught something totally different than we planned because that was what the investigator needed. We were able to remember the words we needed and nothing more. It was hard. But it felt so good to teach by the spirit. We asked more questions and taught so much more to his needs. As I was about to have him read a scripture had picked out, I felt that it was the wrong one. So I pulled the book back and flipped tio a new one. It was perfect.
So that's been really interesting. It's pretty nerve wracking up until we're in the lesson. We just wondering if we're doing enough of our part. But once we're in the lesson, it's all goooood! (we're talkign 30-40min lessons)
WE committed one of our investigators to baptism!!!! Aug 31st!!! But we have soooo much to teach him. His name somethign like Kim young Sheik. really hard to romanize. We feeel soooo good. The Lord is truly blessing us for our faith and diligence.
Probably the coolest thing this week? Elder Richard G. Scott came for the Tuesday devotional. And I CALLED IT! Rumor was that it was going to be an apostle. I said Elder Scott. Hands down. And it was.
WOW. It was amazing. He talked about pray. I don't have time to write much about it. But he brought an awesome aura of love with him. It was palpable. At the end of his talk, you could see him pausing to listen to the spirit and he kept adding additional words of wisdom. He said that with "apostolic authority" he pronounced a blessing upon those of us learning a new language. If we had faith in God, we would receive the gift of tongues. As we had faith and strove to better our relationship with our companions, the language would come easily! It was amazing. Words can not describe the feelings that were present. I know there were angels around us. He also said that he felt that his wife was with us as he spoke and that's why he had been so emotional during his talk. As he walked out, he stopped and yelled "BE GOOD!"
Elder South is great. President Mitchell said I would have hard companionship, but this is certainly not oen of them. Oh what a blessing.
Quick health update:
2.5 weeks:
I've regained weight, but had to tightened my belt a notch. Consider my six pack has never looked better, I'd say it's muscle. I love the erg. I've been working on my 2k time. Of course all there west coasters here have no idea what i"m talking about.
I think things were becoming a little too easy. So the Lord made this a little hard by making me sick. I think it's a cold. Congestion, coughing, sore throat, tired. But I'm still smiling! And despite my self medication: 1-2 cups OJ per meal, 2-3 tablespoons of straight honey per meal, less dairy, more fluids, I've not gotten any better really. I blame it on the fact that they haven't been serving sprouts. But I bought some chewable vitamin C toady finally. And my companion and I have been working on my pill swallowing issues. 10 tries with m&ms per night. It's going to happen.

Anyway, I got to go. I get to go to the temple today! I love you all. Keep praying for me. I's amazing how prayer can bring personal revelation if you make it more specific, meaningful, and more of a heartfelt conversation with your Heavenly Father. VOCAL PRAYER! KNEELING PRAYER! Keep it up.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week #2 August 9, 2013

Now for whats been going on....
I can't believe I've been here a week. It's gone by so fast, but feels like it's been forever. I want to share a few of the many experiences I've had this week.
1) TEACHING! Elder South and I taught our first investigator last Friday(2 days after we got here) In Korean of course. And then we preceded to to teach him everyday for the next few days.It sounds simple, but how in the world can two young men with only a couple days of korean behind them teach a man about God? How can they explain about Jesus Christ, his atonement, or the Book of Mormon? The answer is easy: they can't. But if they rely fully on the Lord, place their trust solely in him and not on their own understand, miracles happen and the Spirit WILL teach that man. As we prayed so hard, in humility and sincerity, for Brother Yoo by name, the Lord inspired us. i had insights that I know were not my own. We taught him to pray using the korean version of the restoration pamphlet. We gave him a Book of Mormon and explain about it using the a Mormon Message with Korean subtitles. And when we spoke, our mouths were filled. As we prayed for the spirit we were able to find the phrases we needed in Koeran and even though we didn't fully understand them, we were able to communicate our message. It was amazing to see our own progression across the first few lessons. The Lord indeed strengthens us with his power and will accomplish his work, no matter the weakness of his tools. And that is the Lord's unique lang learning model. It's all focused on the investigator and teaching him and his needs. All related back to our missionary purpose. We make personal lang study plans and set daily goals to help us reach the main goals of helping our investigators come unto Christ. We teach a lesson almost everyday. We have 6 hrs of class and 3 additional hrs of lang study. So much of it is done on our own. So we plan and set people/purpose focused goals, and then we use every available moment to study: meal times, gym times, all the time!

 I'm out of time. But I bore my testimony on fast sunday. It was short and slow and in korean, but it was true! Elder South is great. I love him so much. The Lord blessed me so much. We snag in the MTC choir on tuesday at the devotional. It was way neat. Elder Jensen spoke about the scriptures. Learn to love them. Study like you would study something important for school. Upright, quiet place, notes, etc. retire scriptures from time to time and mark up new ones And SHARE! That was  big one. Share what you've learned so you can learn better and so others can be edified as well. Korean is great. It forces me to be humble and rely on the Lord. The converting power is directly related to the scriptures! So D&C 112:10! Be humble and he will take you by the hand. YOU have to plan well to teach by the spirit.
Love you all so much! This place is great. I feel your love and prayers. It is isn't easy, it isn't fun, but it's so rewarding and there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Except for actually being in Korea teaching. But that will come in its due time....

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cole's First E-mail Home: August 2, 2013

Hello Ka-Joke! (Family in Korean)
So my P-Day is Friday. Or at least it will be for the next 8-9 weeks or so.  And I get 60min of email time. Woohoo!
I think the Lord sure knew I needed humbling, because that has been the majority of my experience here. I have a wonderful companion, Elder South, who went to Yale last year. He speaks good enough Chinese to talk to the Chinese speaking elders who are about to leave. And he speaks wayyy more Korean than anyone else in my district. Having him as a companion is great, but humbling. It's a huge blessing in trying to learn the language though; like having a walking dictionary with you 24/7. As soon as I got to the MTC, I dropped of my stuff and headed to class. I walked in and the teacher was only speaking Korean. (He still has only said a couple of english words.) I was expecting that, but it still was a little like jumping into the finger lakes....really shocking. But I know it's going to help us learn the language so much faster. I can already pray in Korean, we've sang a couple hymns, and we teach our first investigator (in Korean of course) tonight. I still struggle with reading the alphabet fast enough to sing along, so I'm super excited to master it so I can sing more.
Another humbling thing: in all the teaching experience we've had so far in english with role playing, I've been struck by how imperfect of a teacher I am. I would have a far way to go in english alone. But I have to do this all in Korean. Good thing this is the Lord's work and not mine. I'm sure he gets frustrated sometimes with how imperfect his tools are, but I know he provides a way for us to still accomplish his work, regardless of our shortcomings. A huge part of that is the spirit. In my interview with a member of our branch presidency (All the korean districts are under a korean branch), he asked what I wanted to get out of my MTC experience. I told him that I wanted to be as prepared as possible to hit the ground running in Korea. Thus I wanted to learn as much of the language as I could, increase my testimony of the Savior and his Atonement and how it's blessed my life, and perfect my teaching skills. Then I countered and said that my skills wouldn't be perfect, so I'd like to improve them. He told me not to lower my expectations. If we teach with the spirit, which touches people's hearts perfectly, we can have perfect teaching skills. So I will strive to be perfectly obedient so that I might be worthy of that spiritual power that is available thanks to the authority of my calling. 
It's also interesting to me. I have no desire to be home. I have no desire to be done with this mission. Despite the non-stop work, I have been blessed with increased focus and capacity. On a normal day we have class for 6 hours. In ONLY korean. There's no way I could have handled that  before my mission. I would be so close to falling asleep in Board meetings that were that long. But I'm focused here. It's te-bah (awesome). I also don't feel discouraged at all. Whenever I even start to think about wallowing in my korean weakness, I am overcome with an increased knowledge that the Lord's power is helping me. "The Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men..." As long as I work as hard as I can, studying in every spare moment (as I fall asleep, I repeat phrases. as I run, I repeat phrases. I try to use as much korean as possible) I KNOW that the Lord will help me do this work.
One of the most humbling things: I was assigned to be district leader. Wow. We have so many studs in our district, so many better at the language, older, etc, that I was at a loss to why I was asked to accept this assignment. But I know the Lord will help me lead my district with love and the spirit. I pray for them each by name. (Oh, we have 2 sisters, and 10 elders.) So it's going to be awesome. I know I will be blessed to handle the extra work ontop of my already crazy busy schedule. WOOO!
So I've eaten no dessert. And I have yet to finish a full meal. And I've had tons of fruit and veggies, sprouts and cottage cheese, and other healthy foods. And we've had some solid workouts. We get about an hr 5 times a week. So I ran one day on the indoor track and today my South Chang-no-neem (Elder) and I went to the gym. I did a really good circuit (Dad you'd be proud) that took up most of the time. No loitering, you've got to use it all wisely! Then we used the last 5 minutes to row a 1000m on the ergs. Seesh. Bottom line? I'm eating less (on purpose) and healthier than I have in the past month.  AND I'm exercising more than I did at Grandma's. So according the scale I've lost weight. (Probably just water weight) But I do think that if I keep this up I'll lose a little bit. Please inform the nice gentleman at Mr. Mac that I am not gaining weight.
EVERYONE here is from Utah. So my companion has seen 15 people he knows. I've only seen 3. All Annandale Stake girls. Sister Tanner, Sister Garces, and Sister Weigel. I wasn't super close to any of them, but it's still cool to see people you know! Oh and I saw Elder Wilcox from Philmont. He's actually in my district! Teh-bah.
My address has had a slight adjustment. Instead of "OCT 1" it's now "SEP 30". My old address should still get mail to me, but 'SEP 30' is better.
700 Elders arrived on the same day as me!
"Be not afraid, only believe"-Mark 5:36.
People keep saying "Just make it to Sunday. Just make it to Sunday." I don't quite understand because I love it! It's certainly challenging.  But it's TE-BAH! In only a couple days my testimony has grow and I feel so much closer to the spirit. Though I'm already itching to be out of here so I can be in Korea, finding, teaching, and inviting.
This is truly God's work. He has blessed me more already than I could have imagined. I feel honored to be his servant and strive to be worthy to have the 3rd companion with us always. I know that we are put in companionships for a reason and I am so grateful for an amazing companion like Elder South. He is a huge blessing to me. I love this gospel. I know that it can bring us peace in the this life and salvation in the life to come. I have been called to invite other to come unto Christ. I know that as we come unto Christ we will be happy. And we will be able to do things we never would have thought possible. I've been here less than 48hrs,  but I learned so much. AHHHHH THIS IS AWESOME.
Ha-na-neem a-bo-jee ee-sheem-da. (God is our father)
I love you guys so much!
Keep praying for me, I really do feel your support.

Love the scriptures! They rock!
Elder Rosenberg