Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 16

Hi Family,
Elder South and I have continued to teach investigators every day. At the beginning of this week, I decided that we shouldn't bring notes or scripts into our lessons with us. Our teacher was telling the Sisters how you just have to trust in the gift of tongues, and leave your notes behind so you can teach by the spirit more. I thought, "well, if we prepare hard, and show enough faith, the Lord will bring the things we need to our remembrance." Thankfully Elder South had enough faith to go along with it. That first no note lesson was AMAZING. We taught something totally different than we planned because that was what the investigator needed. We were able to remember the words we needed and nothing more. It was hard. But it felt so good to teach by the spirit. We asked more questions and taught so much more to his needs. As I was about to have him read a scripture had picked out, I felt that it was the wrong one. So I pulled the book back and flipped tio a new one. It was perfect.
So that's been really interesting. It's pretty nerve wracking up until we're in the lesson. We just wondering if we're doing enough of our part. But once we're in the lesson, it's all goooood! (we're talkign 30-40min lessons)
WE committed one of our investigators to baptism!!!! Aug 31st!!! But we have soooo much to teach him. His name somethign like Kim young Sheik. really hard to romanize. We feeel soooo good. The Lord is truly blessing us for our faith and diligence.
Probably the coolest thing this week? Elder Richard G. Scott came for the Tuesday devotional. And I CALLED IT! Rumor was that it was going to be an apostle. I said Elder Scott. Hands down. And it was.
WOW. It was amazing. He talked about pray. I don't have time to write much about it. But he brought an awesome aura of love with him. It was palpable. At the end of his talk, you could see him pausing to listen to the spirit and he kept adding additional words of wisdom. He said that with "apostolic authority" he pronounced a blessing upon those of us learning a new language. If we had faith in God, we would receive the gift of tongues. As we had faith and strove to better our relationship with our companions, the language would come easily! It was amazing. Words can not describe the feelings that were present. I know there were angels around us. He also said that he felt that his wife was with us as he spoke and that's why he had been so emotional during his talk. As he walked out, he stopped and yelled "BE GOOD!"
Elder South is great. President Mitchell said I would have hard companionship, but this is certainly not oen of them. Oh what a blessing.
Quick health update:
2.5 weeks:
I've regained weight, but had to tightened my belt a notch. Consider my six pack has never looked better, I'd say it's muscle. I love the erg. I've been working on my 2k time. Of course all there west coasters here have no idea what i"m talking about.
I think things were becoming a little too easy. So the Lord made this a little hard by making me sick. I think it's a cold. Congestion, coughing, sore throat, tired. But I'm still smiling! And despite my self medication: 1-2 cups OJ per meal, 2-3 tablespoons of straight honey per meal, less dairy, more fluids, I've not gotten any better really. I blame it on the fact that they haven't been serving sprouts. But I bought some chewable vitamin C toady finally. And my companion and I have been working on my pill swallowing issues. 10 tries with m&ms per night. It's going to happen.

Anyway, I got to go. I get to go to the temple today! I love you all. Keep praying for me. I's amazing how prayer can bring personal revelation if you make it more specific, meaningful, and more of a heartfelt conversation with your Heavenly Father. VOCAL PRAYER! KNEELING PRAYER! Keep it up.

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