Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 23

I'll try to make this short...not much time.

I am still soooo grateful for such a great companion. I learn things from him everyday. His passion fo rKorean is inspiring. He is such a loving a charitable Elder too. I am so blessed to know him. I really hope we get to serve together in Seoul down the road. 

I've started to put a new emphazize on SYL or Speak Your Languege. It's where you try to use Korean, as much as you know, all the time. It's making a big difference already. I know that as I continue to strive to SYL, miracles will occur and the gift of tongues will kick in even more. One sign that I'm learning more Korean: my English is getting way worse. Hmmmm.

I was released as District Leader. I'm so glad the Lord saw fit to call me to that position so early on. It was what I needed to be more humble, more stressed, and more reliant on him. I wouldn't have been nearly as challenged had I not had that  in the beginining. And I nkow now, more than ever, the power of the spirit in inspirign us. I would teach things, ask questions, and do things taht I know hweren't from me. The Lord used me as a tool to bless his children and I gerw so much because of that.

In the Elder Holland devotional, he talked about how wee were saved for this time. He didn't know why all of us were chosen, because he doesn't think that he is really any better than his ancestors, but for some reason, we were chosen to be the ones to perform the work in the last days. We are the ones that the whole world has waited for since its inception. Every dispensation ahs fallen into apostacy. Every prophet knew that he would inevitably fail; his people would fall away. But not this dispensation. This is the tim ewhere we finally win. This is the time that gave hope to all those who went before. And WE, all of us, not just full time missinoaies, are responsible to carry out that work. We owe SO much to those that went before. It really is a heavy load to bear, once you understand what he means. But it is super motivating. We are winning now! We cannot bear to let a moment pass by with out focusing on our purpose. 

The temple is wonderful. It was closed for cleaning so last week was the first time we got to go. AHHHH. So great. The changes are amazing too. I truly feel that they are an example of the greater revelation that is to come forth in the fullness of times. I'm sure the Lord could have taught me all that anyway, but I feel that so much more is now more fully explained. I understand so much more clearly our purpose on earth and the nature of the fall.\

I've been focusing a lot on prayer. Effective prayer takes great effort. My inherited prayer narcolepsy (DAD.) makes it take even greater effort. But I think I found a rememdy. Just as for an importnatn meeting one would prepare an agenda, I've begun to prepare somewhat of an agenda for my conversation with my Father in Heaven. Evening prayer is where you account for how you spent HIS time that day on the mission. I've found my prayers meaning much more and being so mcuh more sweet to my soul. It is such a blessing. Don't rush the privilenge of talkign with your Father in Heaven. Pray for trials. Pray to know who you can serve, and how you can sacricfcie in their behalf.

The Plan of Salvation is so precious. How tuching it is taht the most all powerful, all knowing being would want so badly for us to return to him and be like him, that he would spent ALL of his time working on that. (moses 1:39) He WANTS us to return to him. So all we incounter in life is for our good and will help us return to him. We need to see that. It brings such peace and perpective to life. My how the people of Korea will be blessed by such a Plan of Happiness!

Oh and I taght my district to split apples. hahahahahaha It's pretty great. 

Love you all so much! Keep praying for me! Keep writing me! Do great things! 

Elder Rosenberg


  1. Dear Elder Rosenberg,

    This is the McCormick Family in Alabama. Thank you for sharing these beautiful things. My eyes are filled with tears... I was doing well while reading the 3 previous posts, but you and the Spirit just wore me down by the time I finished the fourth. LoL. ;D
    Our prayers are with you, the people of Korea, and your mom whom I adore.

    We love ya,

  2. I thought of you today while listening to the byu hawaii devotional by May Shumway.

    This is what she said.. I hope it give you comfort regarding taking medication..;)

    "Permit me to share another example from my own life. As a young child I had a terrible fear of swallowing medicine tablets. When I was about 12 or so I came down with a high fever. Figuring I was big enough, my father gave me pills for my fever instead of the usual syrup. I pretended to swallow them and drank lots of water but actually slipped the pills down the side of my bed to the floor. My sneakiness came to an abrupt end when one of my siblings found the pills under my bed and ratted me to my father. The next time I was sick, my father watched me carefully to make sure I swallowed the pill. With a few attempts and lots of water, I failed each time, until the pill ended up a soggy mess at the bottom of my cup. With tears in my eyes, I announced that I couldn’t swallow it. Instead of being mad, my father went to the kitchen, got another pill, squashed it into powder, put a little sugar and honey on it and had me take it. It was nasty but I swallowed it. Fast forward eleven years later. I’m expecting our first child and I still can’t swallow a pill. If you’ve seen how big those prenatal vitamins are compared to regular pills, you would understand how terrified it was to me who had never swallowed a pill. I still remember staring at that monster pill for the first time and telling myself "I can’t do it!” Aaron had to coax me over and over until he finally said “It’s for the baby!” That changed something in me. My overpowering love for my unborn baby gave me strength to swallow that huge pill. Now, after having six babies, I’m sure I can swallow three prenatal pills at a time if I have to.

    “Perfect Love casteth out all fear.” Swallowing a pill may be very simple for some of you (or all of you) but for me, it was once a terrifying thing to do. This experience also taught me that sometimes it is through others or for others that we find strength to overcome our fears. The love that they have for us or the love we have for them helps us realize that with God nothing is impossible. Because God is love, we can also say that “with perfect Love nothing is impossible.”