Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week #2 August 9, 2013

Now for whats been going on....
I can't believe I've been here a week. It's gone by so fast, but feels like it's been forever. I want to share a few of the many experiences I've had this week.
1) TEACHING! Elder South and I taught our first investigator last Friday(2 days after we got here) In Korean of course. And then we preceded to to teach him everyday for the next few days.It sounds simple, but how in the world can two young men with only a couple days of korean behind them teach a man about God? How can they explain about Jesus Christ, his atonement, or the Book of Mormon? The answer is easy: they can't. But if they rely fully on the Lord, place their trust solely in him and not on their own understand, miracles happen and the Spirit WILL teach that man. As we prayed so hard, in humility and sincerity, for Brother Yoo by name, the Lord inspired us. i had insights that I know were not my own. We taught him to pray using the korean version of the restoration pamphlet. We gave him a Book of Mormon and explain about it using the a Mormon Message with Korean subtitles. And when we spoke, our mouths were filled. As we prayed for the spirit we were able to find the phrases we needed in Koeran and even though we didn't fully understand them, we were able to communicate our message. It was amazing to see our own progression across the first few lessons. The Lord indeed strengthens us with his power and will accomplish his work, no matter the weakness of his tools. And that is the Lord's unique lang learning model. It's all focused on the investigator and teaching him and his needs. All related back to our missionary purpose. We make personal lang study plans and set daily goals to help us reach the main goals of helping our investigators come unto Christ. We teach a lesson almost everyday. We have 6 hrs of class and 3 additional hrs of lang study. So much of it is done on our own. So we plan and set people/purpose focused goals, and then we use every available moment to study: meal times, gym times, all the time!

 I'm out of time. But I bore my testimony on fast sunday. It was short and slow and in korean, but it was true! Elder South is great. I love him so much. The Lord blessed me so much. We snag in the MTC choir on tuesday at the devotional. It was way neat. Elder Jensen spoke about the scriptures. Learn to love them. Study like you would study something important for school. Upright, quiet place, notes, etc. retire scriptures from time to time and mark up new ones And SHARE! That was  big one. Share what you've learned so you can learn better and so others can be edified as well. Korean is great. It forces me to be humble and rely on the Lord. The converting power is directly related to the scriptures! So D&C 112:10! Be humble and he will take you by the hand. YOU have to plan well to teach by the spirit.
Love you all so much! This place is great. I feel your love and prayers. It is isn't easy, it isn't fun, but it's so rewarding and there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Except for actually being in Korea teaching. But that will come in its due time....

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