Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21,  2013

My companion was gone for half of this week, military training! So I
exchanged with a Zone Leader, Elder Luker. It was an awesome
experience. I learned soooo much from him, and I could understand so
much more of his "foreigner korean"." But it's good to have Elder
Jeong back! I also had my first Korean Mexican food. A burrito....with
tons of cabbage and potatoes inside, among some other regular
ingredients. I chose to get the "Very Spicy" version. My mexican
housemate failed to finish his when he went last week.....too hot. So
naturally I had to try. One bite. The face turns red. The tears come.
I have never endured such physical agony because I what I was eating.
But I endured to the end. Self discipline. Overcoming the natural man

Sunday we had our first investigator come to church!!!! It was an
amazing feeling and an amazing miracle. On saturday we visited Brother
Chey and he committed to come. He always says he will, but doesn't.
This time however, he called his church, in front of us, and told them
he wasn't going this week. WOOHOOO! Finally all our prayers on his
behalf pay off!!!! As we sat with him in sacrament meeting, I was
overcome with gratitude. People rarely come to church, so this was a
tender mercy, a great miracle. And seeing the smile on his face as
members introduced themselves made the hours of sitting in his house,
not understanding ANYTHING, all worth it. He's still progressing super
slowly, but the Lord has his eye on Brother Chey.  I've been trying to
have more charity for him as well. He's old, physically handicapped,
slightly mentally impaired as well, and I can't understand anything he
says. (When I visited him with the non korean zone leader, he could
understand I don't feel as bad) So when we teach, I try
really hard to focus on him, praying for him and my companion. But
it's pretty difficult. So this week, I tried to put myself in his
position. As I strove to understand him, my love for him increased. I
can't understand anything he says, but I can understand his
situation. He's often in much pain, lonely, without much purpose, and
needs so deeply the blessing of the restored gospel.

I had more small miracles as we street contacted this week. I had
experiences where I had no idea what to say, but as I opened my mouth
the Lord filled it. And those were often the times where we actually
got their number. As I strove to follow the spirit more in knowing
where to go, we were more effective. And even when discouragement or
feelings of uselessness start to begin, they are easily replaced by
the Savior's love. Hope, happiness, and faith are choices. You can
choose to be discouraged or you can choose to press on in faith. I am
learning more and more that while I am not comfortable with my
weaknesses, I must be patient with them. Everyday is a day of
decision. And those daily decisions determine destiny. So choose to be
happy! Choose to be faithful! Choose to sacrifice your will for the

I'm learning more about Grace as well. Grace is not really us climbing
part way up a mountain, "doing our best," and then stopping. Then
Christ carries us the rest of the way up the mountain, "Christ does
the rest." No, rather it is more like us leaning on Christ and
climbing the whole mountain on our power, made strong enough through
Christ's continual, enabling Grace. Sometimes you feel "Oh, I just
can't do my best." I think "Oh, I should have talked to that person,
oh I'm not doing my best or all I can." But we need to trust more in
Christ's grace. His "grace is sufficient for us" (2Cor12:9) in order
to help us do our best. He takes our strength and makes it more,
empowers us to do more. He perfects our efforts (Hebrews 12:2).

For me, it is only by leaning on the daily strengthening power of
Christ's Atonement--his Grace--that I can get by. Sometimes I have to
lean more heavily then others, but I can take comfort in knowing that
Christ is by my side, every step of the way. We need not walk alone,
"doing our part/doing our best." He is always there!

We are to be perfect, but perfection is a process. So be patient (D&C 67:13).

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