Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28,  2013

Koreans have this sweet phrase when they answer the phone. Instead of saying "Hello?" They say "Are you my honey?" Classic.

We had some good days this week. One day we were on fire! We taught two good lessons, but then our other appointments cancelled so we did a ton of street contacting. Literally everyone we talked to straight up rejected us. They wanted nothing of our message. So the first hour was hard. But we kept at it. And finally we started finding prepared people and were able to teach some street lessons.

I had my first member meal this week! I have never been so full in my life. those stories about korean families feeding you and feeding you and....yup. All true. But we shared an awesome message about family mission plans, courtesy of PMG pg 220. My family had one, so I felt inspired to start talking to members about them. It was really cool to see the Lord working through me to help us deliver an inspired message, with a commitment that will help them be better missionaries!  And I even shared some personal examples in Korean. Pretty cool.

I've been studying the PMG phrase: "Your calling gives your authority, keeping your covenants gives you power."

So what covenants have I made? Baptismal covenants, priesthood covenants, temple covenants. WOW. There is so much spiritual power available through honoring those.  "That thy spirit might always be with
them"-sacrament prayers. D&C 109:22-armed with power, D&C109:15-receive the fullness of the holy ghost. And soooo much more.  And those covenants aren't made only by full time missionaries. Any
worthy covenant keeper is entitled to that power. Not to the same authority, but to incredible spiritual power. All contingent on how well you keep your covenants. Wow......what a blessing.D&C109 is full
of amazing blessings from the temple, ones specifically pertaining to missionary work (109:23,29.)

Of all things, Korean's love american fried chicken. this is KFC's
double tower MAX or something like that. 1 meal heart attack.

Beautiful $3 korean ties. The staple of our existance: rice and Corn Flight.

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