Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25,  2013
This week's been great! We got to go to the temple again. So amazing.

Enjoy the great Korean phrases....everything that's in english here is
just not quiteeee right.

Rain is called "pee." So people say "Pee came." Fun stuff. But now
it's hail and snow....woohoo!

I was struck by an interesting phenomenon this week. When ever you
feel like you want to take a break, or stop talking to people, that's
when you get the most tired. But if you push through and talk to more
people, working as hard as you can, that's when you feel the
strongest. As I'm walking home in the rain, or freezing wind: if I
pray and look for that one person to give my last Book of Mormon to,
if I stop literally everyone I can to try an invite just one more to
come unto Christ before I get home.....that's when I feel the
happiest, the most energetic, the most at peace. It's great!!!! And
there's nothing like rejection that makes you want to talk to more
people. If you're ever sad....just smile and work harder. It's the
miracle medicine!

Also, I had another great moment of scripture study this week. If you
study the Book of Mormon prayerfully with a question in mind, you can
receive an answer. It doesn't matter what the question is or where
you're reading. Follow the Spirit, listen, search, and you will find!
I was reading in 2 Nephi 28 this week. That part is about wicked
churches, apostasy, and evil. I was praying to know how my comp and I
could have better planning sessions. And I received so much
revelation! I found answers. Even though what I was reading had
nothing to do with what I wanted to learn, I could still find ways to
apply it to my life. That's how you feast upon the words of Christ.
That's how you liken them unto yourself.

This is work is just so great! I love it so much. I know that Christ
is my Savior and that this is his true and restored church. And no one
can ever take that away from me!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18,  2013

This week was a week of miracles. Our investigators are actually progressing! We had a bunch lined up for church, then all but one wouldn't answer their phones. But suddenly as the meeting was starting, a guy we had only met once on the street called and said he was in front of the church!  It's been amazing to see people actually keeping their commitments. When they do, they truly do change. The difference is real. They seem so much happier and they are proud of their progress. The Lord is truly pouring out his spirit over the people of 길음.  We had a day today where we contacted 3 times our previous max in one day.....a huge miracle.

A service center called and asked to use the field by our church for a "laughing activity." We agreed and said we'd participate. Turns out to be 30 grandma/grandpas sitting on a mat together. So we join. Then this lady from the service center has us play rock paper scissors. And that's how it went. 30 70+ yr olds, 7 23 and under yr olds, all playing kindergarten games together. I've never laughed so hard in my life. We played this choo choo train game that involved old men messaging my back. Pretty sweet. but the best part: the grannies were
laughing sooo hard. but the grandpa's? classically stoic. Of the 15, maybe 3 participated. The rest just hid in the back. sooo fun.

Korean food is sooo good. I've yet to try anything I don't like. I had some raw fish stuff the other day and that was a little weird. But not too bad.

At night, the male population of Seoul is always in drunk, just in varying degrees. It's never a question of if, just how much. So that makes street contacting at night super fun.

One night it was super cold, and raining. Our appointments had all cancelled and we didn't know what to do. So we got down and prayed. I felt like we should go out and street contact anyway (instead of making calls to former investigators). So out we went. I just felt that if this was what God wanted us to do, he was going to place someone in our path. So I had to talk to everybody! I literally ran down people on bikes, and despite the freezing rain, I was soooo warm inside. It was an incredible feeling of faith fueled fire. As we smiled and met new people, we faced lots of rejection, but we also found 2 new investigators. One of which just showed up to church. AWESOME. The Lord truly leads this work. He watches over us and blesses us when we seek his will and then act in faith.

2 Nephi 28:30. Blessed are those who don't stop asking. Once one line of revelation comes, we always need another. So keep asking! And ye shall receive!

Love you all! Sorry for the frozen computer and lack of email last week. As the Korah says, "Sleep is good, prayer is better!"

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

We had the most rocking Halloween Party ever this weekend! All run by
the missionaries, and the members actually invited their friends! It
was AWESOME. We made pinatas, tons of games, and it was sooooo cool.
And even though lots of stuff wasn't really halloweeny, they don't
know any different. And one girl invited her friends to come perform a
little K-pop number. Reminded me of my good old acappella days. But
there were tons of miracles in making it come together. One of
which.....the Koreans didn't like cake. It's too sweet, so they scarf
down the seaweed and fruit, but don't touch the cake or cookies. So we
brought home most of a costco cake and destroyed it ourselves.

Also, I ended up in another Elder's bed the other night. He said he
woke up at 1am to me just PLOP, landing in his bed. Then I started
street contacting to him.....weird.

Our President shared the stat: it takes about 1000 street contacts to
find someone who has a good chance of getting baptized. So I need to
talk to more people!!!!!!

It's great to see the Lord strengthening you and enabling you to be
better. I placed a ton of Book of Mormons this week on my own. But
it's also interesting to see how quickly you can come to rely on your
own power and not the Lord's. So don't get complacent, always seek

Halloween pumpkin