Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25,  2013
This week's been great! We got to go to the temple again. So amazing.

Enjoy the great Korean phrases....everything that's in english here is
just not quiteeee right.

Rain is called "pee." So people say "Pee came." Fun stuff. But now
it's hail and snow....woohoo!

I was struck by an interesting phenomenon this week. When ever you
feel like you want to take a break, or stop talking to people, that's
when you get the most tired. But if you push through and talk to more
people, working as hard as you can, that's when you feel the
strongest. As I'm walking home in the rain, or freezing wind: if I
pray and look for that one person to give my last Book of Mormon to,
if I stop literally everyone I can to try an invite just one more to
come unto Christ before I get home.....that's when I feel the
happiest, the most energetic, the most at peace. It's great!!!! And
there's nothing like rejection that makes you want to talk to more
people. If you're ever sad....just smile and work harder. It's the
miracle medicine!

Also, I had another great moment of scripture study this week. If you
study the Book of Mormon prayerfully with a question in mind, you can
receive an answer. It doesn't matter what the question is or where
you're reading. Follow the Spirit, listen, search, and you will find!
I was reading in 2 Nephi 28 this week. That part is about wicked
churches, apostasy, and evil. I was praying to know how my comp and I
could have better planning sessions. And I received so much
revelation! I found answers. Even though what I was reading had
nothing to do with what I wanted to learn, I could still find ways to
apply it to my life. That's how you feast upon the words of Christ.
That's how you liken them unto yourself.

This is work is just so great! I love it so much. I know that Christ
is my Savior and that this is his true and restored church. And no one
can ever take that away from me!

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