Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

We had the most rocking Halloween Party ever this weekend! All run by
the missionaries, and the members actually invited their friends! It
was AWESOME. We made pinatas, tons of games, and it was sooooo cool.
And even though lots of stuff wasn't really halloweeny, they don't
know any different. And one girl invited her friends to come perform a
little K-pop number. Reminded me of my good old acappella days. But
there were tons of miracles in making it come together. One of
which.....the Koreans didn't like cake. It's too sweet, so they scarf
down the seaweed and fruit, but don't touch the cake or cookies. So we
brought home most of a costco cake and destroyed it ourselves.

Also, I ended up in another Elder's bed the other night. He said he
woke up at 1am to me just PLOP, landing in his bed. Then I started
street contacting to him.....weird.

Our President shared the stat: it takes about 1000 street contacts to
find someone who has a good chance of getting baptized. So I need to
talk to more people!!!!!!

It's great to see the Lord strengthening you and enabling you to be
better. I placed a ton of Book of Mormons this week on my own. But
it's also interesting to see how quickly you can come to rely on your
own power and not the Lord's. So don't get complacent, always seek

Halloween pumpkin

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