Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16,  2013

Transfer calls came! I'm getting sent to 동해! The coldest part of
Korea! And it's only 3-4hrs away from the rest of the mission. Super
far by speedy train. It's all the way by the east coast by the beach.
Apparently it's super nice in the summer, a big tourist spot. But in
the winter? We're talking frozen tundra with few people. WOOOHOOOO! I
can't wait. ANd my comp will be the same mission age as me, 3rd
transfer. So going to be fun. For those, and several
other reasons, it'l looking like 동해 might have the trials and miracles
I've been praying and hoping for! Much fun and growth await! YEAHHHH!

But that means I have to leave 길음. AHhhh I love them so much. You
don't realize how much you love someone until you have ot leave
them....we visited the old ward mission leader last night and I
started tearing up as we left. (One of the pictures is with him and
his family! They are amazing. Remind me of my family...) And my comp is going ZL, so our area is whitewashed.
AHHHH. But he's taking some of them with him, thank goodness. When
you've been working with someone for so long and watching them
slowlyyyy progress, you can't bare to have someone else mess it up and
not appreciate how far they've come. Especially because last night
Brother 안 accepted a baptismal date! He's the sweet grandpa who points
out how "beautiful" I am regularly and likes to hold my hand. Part of
the motivation for baptism was this: I'm getting transferred and I'll
have to go back to America. But if he gets baptized, he'll be able to
see me again after we die! Not the best reason, but it added the icing
to his growing faith and helped him make that commitment.

So it's been snowing alot. So much that we need umbrellas some days.
And the sidewalks are all super icy. So I slide EVERYWHERE. It used to
be fun.....until I heard that last winter an ELder slipped, got sent
home, and wasn't able to come back. WHAT. NOT HAPPENING TO THIS ELDER.
But unfortunately I keep slipping. Here's the miracle: everytime I've
fallen, hard, I just pop back up. Not even a bruise or sore spot. It
literally feels like angels catch me on the way down. And I've had
some pretty huge wipeouts, remember Korea is 75% hill? YEah.
Definitely some divine intervention.

The other day, I was jundo-ing (the term for proselyting, or what we
spend teh most time doing) and this guy was not intersted at all. So I
hand him a card, tell him to call us, and wish him a good night. Then,
as I"m waving goodbye, I slip and totally DROPKICK him in the back.
That's what you get for not accepting salvation.....

It's all true. I love this work. I had a really powerful experience
the other day as I testified about the love we can feel when we pray.
God knows us, loves us, and because we are his children, he wants to
talk with us. As we do, we can receive such amazing strength and feel
such deep and abiding love.

Alma 56:46--God is with us and he will not suffer us to fall. We might
slip.....but we can get back up. You can do it now!

Love you all. Merry Christmas!

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