Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Brigham Young, was called on a mission while on his sickbed. As the
wagons rolled out of the valley with him, he stopped it, pulled
himself up, and yelled back to his family, "Hurrah for Israel!"

I've been thinking about that a little this week, and the gift of
eternal optimism. We really need to face trials or challenge with such
an attitude. So this week when our water heater broke for 2 days and
we took frigid showers that caused me to lose feeling in my feet?
Hurrah for Israel!!! When I'm running home in the sleeting rain,
trying to balance my umbrella over my box of heavy groceries, trying
to keep the cardboard from getting so soggy it rips, the mile home?
Hurrah for Israel!! My challenges are so small compared to those that
other face. But regardless of the situation...HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! You
could not pay me to wipe the smile off my face in those situations. I
love it!!! People just think I'm that crazy foreigner who smiles wayyy
too much. But what have we to be sad about? Christ overcame the world,
so let us be of good cheer!

Thanksgiving was great. So much American food with a super generous
American family. I barely made it home. They lived in a sweet
apartment with 40 some floors. But sharing the spiritual message with
them was amazing. It's the first time I've had a chance to share a
message like that in English, so I was way nervous. It's so much
easier in Korean. I was praying like crazy. But as I opened my mouth
to talk about Christ and his atonement, the things that we are most
grateful for, the words just flowed. All those promises about your
mouth being filled? I didn't even think, things just came out. I asked
inspired questions, and testified with a power that I have rarely felt
before. It was a tender mercy from the Lord to not have to worry about
the language for once. Just about helping people come to Christ.  The
Spirit was so strong. I don't remember what I said, only the way I
But I shouldn't worry about Korean! I should have faith and just
testify away anyway!

Love you all! Pray for you!

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