Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 23,  2013
My new area, ,동해, donghae, is AWESOME!
It's the country so it's beautiful and mountainy. And tons of snow.  And awesome. And it has these world famous sunrises that 75% of korea comes to see at new years. And it has one of the most popular beaches in Korea. It's SOOOO pretty.The water is an amazing shade of blue.

 There are SO much less people than in Seoul, so you can't afford to not talk to anyone! And we have to do a lot of actual knocking doors because no one is on the streets at night here. My companion, Elder
McFarland, is great. He's ready to work hard, be obedient, and get some baptisms! It's pretty funny because we're both pretty bad at Korean. "Do you now what he said?" "Nope." And we just go with it!
Since we're opening a new area, we've been working super diligently and have talked to SOOO many people. In only the 4.5 days we've had here, I've talked to twice as many as some entire weeks in Seoul. I'm super excited!

Our branch is 18 strong and is pretty great. They're super close and are a little different than American wards. They've got a nice bright Christmas tree in the chapel and a they tried to leave the Christmas
party decorations up for sacrament meeting. But they're super fun and have the cutest little girls, 3 and 6 yrs old. Korean children are ADORABLE.

Us missionaries performed "I heard the bells on christmas day" for the branch party. But we broke it down to a rap halfway through. So I broke my beatboxing fast for that short time. It was pretty sweet. And the members thought it was so funny. Hopefully not too sacrilegious....

I thought a girl was a boy yesterday: just doing the usual proselyting, basically flirting with the boy, telling him how handsome he is. But when I told "him" that he was so big and strong and must 18, "he" said in english "I girl!!!!" ooooopss. pretty awkward. But a common problem here.

We visited a less active they've been working with, who used to smoke two packs a day. As they've worked with him, he's really turning his life around, and making huge changes. And now "tobbacco is starting to just taste bad" what a sweet miracle.

We're been really focusing on the Book of Mormon this month. So we're trying super hard to give them out to people. And so many miracles are happening. In Seoul, I'd offer everyone I talked to a Book of Mormon, but I'd maybe give out 5-6 a day. But here, as we set high goals in faith and really pray to soften people's hearts, we've been giving out 12 or more a day. People who have little interest and don't want to meet us, still accept a Book of Mormon, and are touch by our testimony of it. Though they aren't prepared now, giving them this gift of infinite price offers them a chance to come unto Christ later. It's really been a testament to me of teh power of the Book of Mormon. It's true. It changes lives, especially mine. If you study it, in faith and humility, you will find answers. The other day I was studying how to do better door approaches. So I looked at ammon's "door approach" to King lamoni. Soooo much great insights. Missionaries didn't knock 20 stories columns of apartments in those days, trying to avoid getting kicked out by the security men, knocking on doors so they can't see us on their cameras. But the Book of Mormon still holds the answers we need TODAY. I love it. I try to live it. And my heart truly "rejoiceth in the scriptures." I find so much comfort and peace and inspiration
from it. I know it's God's word and I'm telling EVERYBODY that!

Love you all, Merry Christmas!

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