Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013

I feel like a real missionary now. I've knocked more doors now than most missionaries in Korea will their entire missions. They have these huge 20-30 story buildings with security locks, but we just push
buttons until someone lets us in. Or we sneak in. And then knock until someone calls security to kick us out. We've had some fun stories, men opening the door in their underwear (speedo style), people just
screaming and slamming the door, and more. One guy opened the door, looked at us "ONE SECOND." closed it. Then comes back, hands us two oranges, then just shuts the door. What?!?. We did get let in once though! But they just fed us tea and wanted to hang out. "Jesus, no! English, yes!" That happens a lot. And I was offered cigarettes. That's a first.

Christmas was AMAZING. We went to Seoul for a mission wide conference, and it was great. Our conference was soooo good. I felt such a wonderful spirit and received tons of personal revelation. Just what I needed. And we had a sweeeet talent show. The professional parkour Elder(we were tight in the mtc) was doing an act, but before he started he just yells out "Where's Rosenberg? I need a beat!" So I
dropped him a little something while he flipped off of walls and spun off the stage. What a large in stature man. But I haven't beatboxed since I got to Korea so it was weird. And other than MTC people, know one had ever heard me do it. So that was fun.

Because there's not a lot of people on the streets, we've been working through the old call sheets and records from old missionaries. We've called hundreds of people, and have found some great people! We met one guy already and he seems super interested, "I'm the student, you're the teacher, I just want to learn about this book." Sweeeeet. The miracles are everywhere.

An English class member told us something that bothered me this week.  "You missionaries are so pure, so clean; and you have such a light. But that surely cannot last. You are young now, and still unspotted from the world. That cannot last. I'm afraid your light will surely fade." Wow. I sure hope this is not the best I'm going to be! I sure hope I haven't peaked yet! We told him that he was wrong. And testified of Christ, his gospel, and his atonement. The reason we have that light is because we have lived the gospel of Jesus Christ this far. And if we continue to live it, rather than be brought down, we
will press forward, become better and better. Through Christ's atonement I can be redeemed from my mistakes. I can receive the enabling strength to sustain good works that would be otherwise
impossible. Because of my Savior, I can have a hope that I will someday be perfect. Each day is a day to become something more. The gospel is a message of hope and improvement, not of a doomed state of damnation. My light will grow, not fade. All this because of my Savior. I know he lives. I know he loves us. I've felt his love, his hope, his healing. And I can never deny that.

--Costco. We went to one in Seoul. Same thing. Just more expensive and
all in Korean. And they sell some Korean food too. But same MUFFINS <3
----We went to this sweeeet outdoor market last pday. One of the most
famous in Korea. Sweet trees.--This lady was selling octopus's/octopi/whatever. You'd pick one and
she'd lift its head up and just chop it's brains out.

love you all! Happy New Years!

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