Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

We had the coolest service project this week!!!1 Making kimchi! Right outside a Buddhist temple! It made me realize why the grandmas are all bent over here. 3hrs shucking onions on a little stool.

So I've been thinking about service. And happiness. I had so much fun making kim chi for others (if I didn't know that the gospel would help them more, I'd make kimchi for 2yrs.) It's amazing how much happier you are when you help others instead of yourself. When you focus outward and think of other's needs, your own problems seem so small.

The best service we can render is that of the work of salvation. Helping others attain that sweetest of goals. Our families, our friends, people we love, people we've just met.  Part of that is missionary work, part of that is temple and family history work. Part of that is just going about doing good. Loving and serving all those around you.  It brings joy. It brings strength. It brings power.

I love it. That's why I'm truly happy. Hearing people here say that money makes them happy and their dream is a bigger house....makes me so sad. They need something more. They need this gospel

Love you all. Serve, give, truly learn to live.

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