Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13,  2014

Probably the strangest lesson I've ever taught. This morning we taught two Seventh Day Adventist missionaries from the Philippines. Super cool guys. But we taught them in a bathouse at 6am. So we were sitting in pools of steaming tea, naked. Pretty great. And I had a great gospel contact in the sauna afterwards. Just an average day in Korea.
This week has been a week of many miracles. We spent a lot of time on Sunday knocking in a place I call "the village." There's a picture of it. Missionaries never go there. And the village is NOTHING like the rest of the mission. This is probably the only place it exists.
2 Facts about 'tracting' in Korea. 1) missionaries don't tract. 2) if missionaries ever do, they don't get let in.
Well......this companionship has been let in several times. And we actually got offered in 3 times on Sunday. We found investigators that we could never find otherwise. The village is probably the sketchiest thing I've ever seen, and it's impossible to navigate at night. But there are children of God there! And we'll find them!
We met an investigator we found on the street for the first time this week. When we gave him a soft baptismal commitment, his answer was "Of course." So we're excited for him.
A random person texted us, said we'd met him on the street. Wanted to meet. Miracle, right!? Turns out he's mentally handicapped, and already saved.
BUT. We had some sweet miracles on Thursday. We were riding a bus home with NO men on it(we're not allowed to proselyte to women). We were joking, "Hey first man that gets on, he's mineeee." Then this kid gets on right before we were about to get off.
But we ran up to him anyway, almost jokingly, because we had 30secs left. Turns out he's super cool and wants to meet and set up an appointment. So we were on a high walking home. That night we were assembling our midweek stats during planning and saw that we had 99 contacts so far. I said, "We can't report 99!!! I'm calling someone." So I said a quick prayer and called a number off a call sheet. And that number is now a new investigator!!!!! WOOHOO! So now we are ALWAYS going to shoot for one more contact, one more call, one more door.
It's been an amazing week. My comp, Elder McFarland is the man. Super funny and a good missionary. We doing crazy work together. We just pack sandwiches and never come home. He's great.

Love you all! 

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