Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20,  2014

Did some sweet caving this week for pday. yeahhhhh.
We had the coolest experience with an investigator this week, Brother Kim. We were planning to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we changed to Plan of Salvation on the fly. Brother Kim was going on about how after death there is nothing, it's just the end. Then Elder McFarland totally confounds him with his own words. "Last time you said when Christ comes again, he's sending all the wicked pastors to hell.....why would only the wicked live again?" He totally stopped. Mouth mumbling. Nothing. Finally he retorts with "Well most Christians don't really know what happens after death either!" (essentially challenging our knowledge.) So BOOM I open the Book of Mormon straight to Alma 40 and start reading. Spiritual SMACKDOWN. The good old one two, companionship double team. Then he stops and just asks quietly "You're telling me you actually believe Christ is your Savior?" The Spirit was SOOOO strong as we testified of Christ, his atonement, and the Father's plan of happiness. AHHH it was so coool. And we gave him American candy after the lesson "Showing afterwards an increase of love" ala D&C 121.
On Sunday I gave a priesthood blessing in KOREAN. What?!?. A brother pulled us in to help  bless his wife. We realized that one of us would have to anoint, so Elder McFarland read the anointing out of our handbook. Then we turned to the husband, ready for him to seal the anointing. But he just walks outside. And closes the door. What? We thought he was goign to get someone else to help. Nope. He just wants us to do it. And work a miracle. AH!!!! So I read the blessing out of the handbook. Stumbling, halting, slowly. Awfully pronounced. But correct. I had no amazing gift of tongues, but I was able to bless this poor sister to be healed. And according to her faith, she will be. It was a powerful experience for me. (Blessings have to be in "king form" a style of language that most koreans don't know. So I didn't even understand what I was reading....)
We've never found a new investigator from knocking doors. Ever. So we prayed and decided that this week we would. We focused on knocking as much as we could, instead of street contacting or calls. So for a week we knocked hundreds and hundreds of doors. One 20 story building after another. And though we had lots of cool miracles and crazy stories (I had someone spit on me, they were yelling so loud. pretty funny) we didn't get any new investigators. So Sunday came around and we were still two new investigators short of our goal. But we set a goal in faith and went to work!  We knocked for a couple hours and nothing. Sunday night. We're heading to an appointment, walking through this little alley up a mountain. I looked at a house and felt like we should knock it. So we did. No one answered. But we felt like we should keep knocking. So we did. Finally this lady answers and actually lets us in. This couple is the COOLEST. They have such powerful conversion stories and said that we were an answer to their prayers. The wife's name literally stands for "abraham, isaiah, jacob." "ah-ee-yah" They were super excited and want to meet again. I have NEVER met someone that excited about the gospel on my entire mission. The last door we knocked, the last day. We set that goal in faith, and worked our tails off. And the Lord provided.
Heavenly Father is way too good to us.

It's all true. 

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