Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 3,  2014

Happy Lunar New Year!
This week was the Korean holiday 설날, the lunar new year. Kinda like Christmas for them. SUPER big. So we went into Seoul for mission conference. Fun. If you bow to your Elders, they are supposed to give you money. So people bowed to President and he handed out candy. Good to see all my beloved mission friends. But not a lot of missionary work happened this week again. It's a big family holiday so not a lot of people to talk to. We had to do a deep cleaning of the apartment too. And just lots of time with members, and the branch.
Excited to get back to work for real this week! Especially since Elder McFarland and I are staying together another transfer! WOOOO. He's a great missionary and we are going to get things rolling here in 동해!
We're starting to wake up at 5:30 every morning to have extra time to workout and study Korean. There's just not enough time during the day! We'll see how it goes.
We had a 고기파티 or meat party, with the branch president and a few members. Elder McFarland and I spent two hours cooking meat in the rain. On authentic korean coals!!! It was pretty fun. And backbreaking.  But I think it really built our relationship with Branch Pres. The missionaries definitely need a stronger bond there. And us serving him so willingly, really impressed him. And now we're actually having a regular missionary correlation meeting! Not sure if that's correlated.....but......
There's a saying that's apparently from a general authority who came to Korea "English missionaries come home gospel scholars, Spanish missionaries come home fluent, and Korean missionaries just come home." OUCH. There's merit to that....but it's not going to be true for this Korean missionary! "Just coming home" is your choice. You can choose to be changed. You can choose to learn, grow, and deepening in conversion. You can choose to do real missionary work, expand your knowledge of the gospel. I'm here to change, here to become something more than I was. I've already seen that change, and I see it continuing to occur. And as you change, you will change others as well! AHHHH it's all so great.
"Come unto Christ. Come unto him. And by his grace become perfect again." --That new Youth theme song has some good true to it.....
--Saw a BYU hoodie in a random korean shop!??! What. The lady googled byu when I started freaking out about it. she yells down the street after us "bingham young!"
--Real mexican food in Seoul. What a dreammmmmm.

Love you all. Praying for ya! 수고하세요!

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