Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10,  2014

There are currently 3 feet of snow outside. It is CRAZY. Cars are entirely covered, the snow goes up to your waist when you try and walk, and I'm pretty sure old Korean ladies get lost in snowdrifts.

But that's not an excuse to slack off! That's an opportunity to work harder! We've spent sooo much time shoveling people out. Some will tell us to go away, so we just help anyway. Some will yell "AHHH MISSIONARIES!" and motion us over. It's great.
We sure love the chance to serve God's children. And pretty much everyone accepts this service. So it's great! And it's a great way to segway into our real purpose as missionaries.
With the snow certainly comes more miracles. The situation gets harder, but the Lord compensates with more heavenly help. His work will not slow down! We had a great lesson with 재환(Jay-wahn) who's our age. He actually sincerely wants to know if God exists! And is acting to find that answer. He goes to the military in a few weeks, so it's going to take a miracle to get him baptized in time. Good thing this is a work of miracles!
We got let into a Jehovah's Witness house this week. He just wanted to Bible bash. only works if both parties understand what's going on. We couldn't understand what he was saying, poor guy just kept going. Finally we just said we had to leave. Bore testimony and shared some Book of Mormon scriptures, but he wasn't having it. Told us to come back when we're better at korean so we can fight again.
Had a crazy intense lesson with our seventh day adventist missionaries. They wanted to talk about Baptisms for the dead, so we prepare a sweeet lesson on it. We expounded our doctrine of baptism, the Holy Ghost, and then the Spirit World and ordinances for the dead. Mostly using bible scriptures. As soon as we finished talking, one of the them just unloaded on us. We felt the spirit instantly leave. It was the weirdest feeling. Whenever we would talk, calmly, just testifying and sharing what we know to be true, we would feel good. But as soon as he started to raise his voice, trying to prove us wrong, the spirit fled. We continued to answer calmly and boldly. The promise that we will not be confounded before men is true. Nothing he could say could really even come close to what we had shared. The other missionary reacted totally differently. He couldn't believe those scriptures were in teh Bible, we had shown him things he'd never seen. It truly intruiged him and he committed to study and pray about it. We ended by simply testifying that we can't prove anything. Knowledge of what is true must come through the Holy Ghost. Without a spiritual witness of truth, scriptural evidence will never be enough.
That's how I know. It's true. Through prayer, study, experience, I know with a certainty that it's true. The Lord has provided a way for ALL his children to hear the gospel. Now, or after we die. He loves us with an infinite love, and would never condemn his children to hell simply because of their birthplace or time period. He everlasting mercy extends to all.
This work is the work of open the Celestial kingdom to ALL of God's children. Missionary work, temple work, reactivation, it's all the same.


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