Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31,  2014

-Did an early morning run to the beach this morning. It's really so hard to be in a place so beautiful. 
-The beginnings of my talk for church yesterday. 

It's been a great week. Elder Sullivan, the red headed giant is successfully winning the hearts of our members and is wonderful missionary. I've been too lucky with companions so far. 

Had my 2nd and 3rd member present lessons of my entire mission! Teaching with our recent convert college member is a blast. Quite the character.

One of our investigators told us that he'd be bringing to 'friends' who really wanted to meet us, and that we'd be meeting for three hours. Of course they were female. We ended up meeting for only 1 hr, but it was still wayyyy weird. I know it's normal for a lot of missions, but I've never really talked to women on my mission. So teaching girls that wanted us was a little different. But we kept it in the bounds of the gospel and it wasn't actually that bad! Now the sister missionaries have 2 new investigators!!! 

Gave a talk at church. Luckily they gave me 3 days notice. I worked sooo hard on preparing the korean for it. It would have been easy to just give a talk, but I wanted to make a difference with my talk! So it was tough. Telling stories is always hard in korean because you're never quite sure if people understand the point of your story. But the Lord blessed me and I was able to speak with power and authority in somewhat understandable Korean. (After my old comp yelled out that I was saying "college" instead of "high school", I fixed that and was good.) As Pres. Packer says, when we're worthy and prepared, "it always comes."

Best part of this week was "Sun-Shu" our new chinese investigator. We meet him street contacting at the college. Super cool, a freshman, but 27. speaks english, mandarin, and a little korean. Of course I used every chinese phrase I knew. ("My chinese is abominable." "The Book of Mormon is crazy awesome" --thanks MTC comp Elder South) We met him again and the lesson was amazing. I've never met anyone in Korea who actually has that level of sincere desire to know what it true. I've been fasting and praying for a while to find an investigator who had sincere interest. Not english or foreigner interest, but real desire. Sun Shu is the one! He has NO religious background, but is really open. He's read a little about our church off the internet, mostly bad stuff. When we talked about baptism, he said "Well, if I knew this was true, I guess yes, I would be baptized." AHHH. Well he will know, if he sincerely desires and acts in faith. So excited to keep meeting him.

And he LOVED that we had a mandarin Book of Mormon (not sure why, but we had one lying around the house. MIRACLE.) I turned to the last book, 10:4-5 and had him read a little. Yessss it was Moroni. He was way impressed that we could find the scriptures we wanted even though we couldn't read Chinese characters. Pretty sweet.

Great week. Huge blessings. Great District training by our new district leader. My old companion is growning up! 

Love you all! Pray for Sun-Shu!

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24,  2014
Elder Sullivan, my new comp! He's great. From Sandy UT and lives in my aunt's ward.  We've actually met a ton of times , but never remembered. Scout camp, church, etc. when I was there doing things with my aunt.

We attended a Seventh Day Adventist service the other day. Pretty cool. Very different from ours, but interesting. A little interfaith interaction with our missionary friends. And giving their members a better image of us as missionaries!

At transfers I heard some AWESOME news. One of my old investigators got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 76 year old who loved me and held my hand throughout the lessons. AHHH! Brother 내묵. ANd it shows that even the very old can change! 

I didn't get to see him change, but I've been able to work closely with the recent convert in our branch who the other Elders baptized. It's incredible to see him grow, to see the mighty change of heart. He's the only person I've seen make that step here in Korea. It's AMAZING. He's super funny and always calls me about stuff "Is it okay to ride the bus to church on SUnday?" "Am I allowed to eat raw fish in the word of wisdom?" "Is this a sin?"  I met him the other day and had a super cool experience. He was talking about how he's struggled with feeling like he's been forgiven of his past sins, but as he was reading the Book of Mormon, he had a voice come to him "You know you've already been forgiven. You already know." The Spirit was SO strong. As we testified about the other ways we feel the spirit and received answers, the spirit was incredible. AH. The power of the Atonement is real. It changes people. It has changed me. Through Jesus Christ, all wrongs can be made right, all challenges can be overcome.

 It's been a great week. The gospel's all true. I've had such JOY watching our recent convert and knowing someone I taught for almost 2 months finally got baptized after 5-6months of meeting missionaries. 

Love you all! 

Elder Rosenberg

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17,  2014
Everything happens in the Lord's time.

Was studying a sweet scripture about confounding your enemies in D&C today. But the part that hit me most was "in mine own due time." (DC 71) 

Things are happening in the Lord's time! 
1) Transfers came! I'm staying in 동해 and getting a new companion Elder Sullivan. Super excited. Especially to stay here. The branch is SO happy. Only one of us is leaving, so they're saying that their pleas to President Christensen worked. 
2) We had our sweeeet music concert. It was amazing. The members really helped putting it on. One member found video clips to back up all our songs, and the food was amazing. But it didn't quite turn out to be the finding activity we had hoped. Elder McFarland and I sang a uke duet of "How can I be?", I did a little beatboxing, our district sang "Come unto Christ" and an african acappella, among other things. But hopefully the one non-member friend that came will get baptized! She lived in DC for a longgg time! Woooo!
3)Elder McFarland and I taught gospel principles class on Sunday. Rough. Korean is still a struggle. But we were able to bear powerful testimony and used some awesome video clips. The best part was having the class all find scriptures about Jesus Christ. Most of these people have never seen the Topical Guide before....let alone used it. Teaching people to use the scriptures is SO important. I was reminded of the best sunday school teachers I had: they were the ones who helped me learn for myself, who gave me things to read, analyze, and report on. Teaching is important, but teaching how to learn is more important. 

Loved reading D&C 31 this week. The Lord WILL open the hearts he sent us to find. 

Met a super cool Nepali guy this week. It was really cool to be able to connect so much with him. A foreigner in a strange land, a hiking enthusiast (though he'd hiked things WAYYY higher than me), and a lover of the Hindu holiday "Holi: the festival of colors".

It's interesting that as I testify about baptism, I can't say that I felt something amazing at my baptism. I was 8 years old. I specifically remember NOT feeling any different. But what I can say, is that as I've continued to renew that baptismal covenant every week since then, I've felt something amazing. As I've repeatedly become clean, as I've repented again and again, I've felt the powerful cleansing power of Christ's Atonement. In a meeting when I don't understand very much of what is said, I KNOW what the sacrament is. I  know what Christ did for me and what those symbols represent. And as I prepare and worthily partake of the sacrament, I feel amazing.

Love you all! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10,  2014

Read an amazing CES Devotional by Elder Bednar this week "A Reservoir of Living Water". It gives wonderful counsel on how to increase the power of scripture study, how to really 'drink deeply' from the word of God. As we put the effort in to find connections, patterns, and themes, learning through the Holy Ghost, we will be rewarded with precious treasures of wisdom.
I did an exchange out in 태백, the farthest of the far places. It was a two hour bus ride through the mountains to get there, a little city nestled up in the ranges. Way cool. 75% percent old man. 100% "I've already talked to the missionaries." Serving there made me super grateful for the wonderful 동해! I love my area. By far the best. But serving with a Korean again made me miss my father 정지호 장로님!

A guy asked me if I know any "black people." When I told him I had "흑형" (basically 'black brothers') he freaked out. White people are uncommon, but most Koreans have NEVER seen a black person. He ended up being a great contact too!

Miracle for the week: 
We had a really great investigator at the beginning of our companionship, Brother 양. But he suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. His phone must of broke and we never could find him. Some Elders in 태백 actually reported seeing him a month ago. He yelled "HI HI Book of Mormons!" So I've been praying for months to find him again, by some miracle. And while I was in 태백, Elder McFarland happened to run into his daughter on the streets. And we got his homephone number. (His cellphone broke!). So in a city that covers more area than all of Seoul, the Lord helped us find one man's daughter. This one soul is so precious to Heavenly Father. And he truly does answer our prayers. 

Leviticus 26:8,12--Obedience brings both spiritual and physical blessings. We can put 10,00 to flight and slay our enemies, but also become the Lord's people and have him walk among us.

Love you all! 
Have a great week! 

--the coolest kid, Hyun-Su who wants to come back to America with me.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3,  2014
Well, we're back to ground zero! No investigators and lots of time for finding! Elder McFarland and I are hitting the streets and talking to tons of people. The Lord is preparing people all around us.....we just have to find them.  College starts today so we now have two sweet college campuses to go contact at. Young freshmen with no friends? Of course they'll want to meet cool white guys!
It seems that every time you learn a new word, you find great opportunities to use it. Learned the word for gangster this week. Used it a ton! Once in a conversation about spinner rims with a Korean basketball player. Once in a conversation with the owner of a very thug-ish car. Great learning experiences! hahaha
Our district leader challenged us to invite 7 people to church on Sunday. So Elder McFarland and I, always aiming for excellence, made a list of ALL the old/current investigators we had and called them up. We ended up being able to extend that opportunity to 9 different people. And surprisingly 2 dropped investigators showed up to church!
(Part of our method was inviting them to a very special church meeting where we'd be speaking. (aka "Fast and Testimony Meeting")
 One of them lives next door to the church and has met missionaries for 30 years. But he came. He says he always comes if we invite him to something special. So we'll just keep having special meetings!
The other had been dropped by 3 different sets of Elders, including us. But miracles we'll see!
D&C 19:24 "I am Elder Rosenberg. I came by the will of the Father, and I do His will."
Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg