Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10,  2014

Read an amazing CES Devotional by Elder Bednar this week "A Reservoir of Living Water". It gives wonderful counsel on how to increase the power of scripture study, how to really 'drink deeply' from the word of God. As we put the effort in to find connections, patterns, and themes, learning through the Holy Ghost, we will be rewarded with precious treasures of wisdom.
I did an exchange out in 태백, the farthest of the far places. It was a two hour bus ride through the mountains to get there, a little city nestled up in the ranges. Way cool. 75% percent old man. 100% "I've already talked to the missionaries." Serving there made me super grateful for the wonderful 동해! I love my area. By far the best. But serving with a Korean again made me miss my father 정지호 장로님!

A guy asked me if I know any "black people." When I told him I had "흑형" (basically 'black brothers') he freaked out. White people are uncommon, but most Koreans have NEVER seen a black person. He ended up being a great contact too!

Miracle for the week: 
We had a really great investigator at the beginning of our companionship, Brother 양. But he suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. His phone must of broke and we never could find him. Some Elders in 태백 actually reported seeing him a month ago. He yelled "HI HI Book of Mormons!" So I've been praying for months to find him again, by some miracle. And while I was in 태백, Elder McFarland happened to run into his daughter on the streets. And we got his homephone number. (His cellphone broke!). So in a city that covers more area than all of Seoul, the Lord helped us find one man's daughter. This one soul is so precious to Heavenly Father. And he truly does answer our prayers. 

Leviticus 26:8,12--Obedience brings both spiritual and physical blessings. We can put 10,00 to flight and slay our enemies, but also become the Lord's people and have him walk among us.

Love you all! 
Have a great week! 

--the coolest kid, Hyun-Su who wants to come back to America with me.

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