Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17,  2014
Everything happens in the Lord's time.

Was studying a sweet scripture about confounding your enemies in D&C today. But the part that hit me most was "in mine own due time." (DC 71) 

Things are happening in the Lord's time! 
1) Transfers came! I'm staying in 동해 and getting a new companion Elder Sullivan. Super excited. Especially to stay here. The branch is SO happy. Only one of us is leaving, so they're saying that their pleas to President Christensen worked. 
2) We had our sweeeet music concert. It was amazing. The members really helped putting it on. One member found video clips to back up all our songs, and the food was amazing. But it didn't quite turn out to be the finding activity we had hoped. Elder McFarland and I sang a uke duet of "How can I be?", I did a little beatboxing, our district sang "Come unto Christ" and an african acappella, among other things. But hopefully the one non-member friend that came will get baptized! She lived in DC for a longgg time! Woooo!
3)Elder McFarland and I taught gospel principles class on Sunday. Rough. Korean is still a struggle. But we were able to bear powerful testimony and used some awesome video clips. The best part was having the class all find scriptures about Jesus Christ. Most of these people have never seen the Topical Guide before....let alone used it. Teaching people to use the scriptures is SO important. I was reminded of the best sunday school teachers I had: they were the ones who helped me learn for myself, who gave me things to read, analyze, and report on. Teaching is important, but teaching how to learn is more important. 

Loved reading D&C 31 this week. The Lord WILL open the hearts he sent us to find. 

Met a super cool Nepali guy this week. It was really cool to be able to connect so much with him. A foreigner in a strange land, a hiking enthusiast (though he'd hiked things WAYYY higher than me), and a lover of the Hindu holiday "Holi: the festival of colors".

It's interesting that as I testify about baptism, I can't say that I felt something amazing at my baptism. I was 8 years old. I specifically remember NOT feeling any different. But what I can say, is that as I've continued to renew that baptismal covenant every week since then, I've felt something amazing. As I've repeatedly become clean, as I've repented again and again, I've felt the powerful cleansing power of Christ's Atonement. In a meeting when I don't understand very much of what is said, I KNOW what the sacrament is. I  know what Christ did for me and what those symbols represent. And as I prepare and worthily partake of the sacrament, I feel amazing.

Love you all! 

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