Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24,  2014
Elder Sullivan, my new comp! He's great. From Sandy UT and lives in my aunt's ward.  We've actually met a ton of times , but never remembered. Scout camp, church, etc. when I was there doing things with my aunt.

We attended a Seventh Day Adventist service the other day. Pretty cool. Very different from ours, but interesting. A little interfaith interaction with our missionary friends. And giving their members a better image of us as missionaries!

At transfers I heard some AWESOME news. One of my old investigators got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 76 year old who loved me and held my hand throughout the lessons. AHHH! Brother 내묵. ANd it shows that even the very old can change! 

I didn't get to see him change, but I've been able to work closely with the recent convert in our branch who the other Elders baptized. It's incredible to see him grow, to see the mighty change of heart. He's the only person I've seen make that step here in Korea. It's AMAZING. He's super funny and always calls me about stuff "Is it okay to ride the bus to church on SUnday?" "Am I allowed to eat raw fish in the word of wisdom?" "Is this a sin?"  I met him the other day and had a super cool experience. He was talking about how he's struggled with feeling like he's been forgiven of his past sins, but as he was reading the Book of Mormon, he had a voice come to him "You know you've already been forgiven. You already know." The Spirit was SO strong. As we testified about the other ways we feel the spirit and received answers, the spirit was incredible. AH. The power of the Atonement is real. It changes people. It has changed me. Through Jesus Christ, all wrongs can be made right, all challenges can be overcome.

 It's been a great week. The gospel's all true. I've had such JOY watching our recent convert and knowing someone I taught for almost 2 months finally got baptized after 5-6months of meeting missionaries. 

Love you all! 

Elder Rosenberg

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