Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3,  2014
Well, we're back to ground zero! No investigators and lots of time for finding! Elder McFarland and I are hitting the streets and talking to tons of people. The Lord is preparing people all around us.....we just have to find them.  College starts today so we now have two sweet college campuses to go contact at. Young freshmen with no friends? Of course they'll want to meet cool white guys!
It seems that every time you learn a new word, you find great opportunities to use it. Learned the word for gangster this week. Used it a ton! Once in a conversation about spinner rims with a Korean basketball player. Once in a conversation with the owner of a very thug-ish car. Great learning experiences! hahaha
Our district leader challenged us to invite 7 people to church on Sunday. So Elder McFarland and I, always aiming for excellence, made a list of ALL the old/current investigators we had and called them up. We ended up being able to extend that opportunity to 9 different people. And surprisingly 2 dropped investigators showed up to church!
(Part of our method was inviting them to a very special church meeting where we'd be speaking. (aka "Fast and Testimony Meeting")
 One of them lives next door to the church and has met missionaries for 30 years. But he came. He says he always comes if we invite him to something special. So we'll just keep having special meetings!
The other had been dropped by 3 different sets of Elders, including us. But miracles we'll see!
D&C 19:24 "I am Elder Rosenberg. I came by the will of the Father, and I do His will."
Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg 

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