Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31,  2014

-Did an early morning run to the beach this morning. It's really so hard to be in a place so beautiful. 
-The beginnings of my talk for church yesterday. 

It's been a great week. Elder Sullivan, the red headed giant is successfully winning the hearts of our members and is wonderful missionary. I've been too lucky with companions so far. 

Had my 2nd and 3rd member present lessons of my entire mission! Teaching with our recent convert college member is a blast. Quite the character.

One of our investigators told us that he'd be bringing to 'friends' who really wanted to meet us, and that we'd be meeting for three hours. Of course they were female. We ended up meeting for only 1 hr, but it was still wayyyy weird. I know it's normal for a lot of missions, but I've never really talked to women on my mission. So teaching girls that wanted us was a little different. But we kept it in the bounds of the gospel and it wasn't actually that bad! Now the sister missionaries have 2 new investigators!!! 

Gave a talk at church. Luckily they gave me 3 days notice. I worked sooo hard on preparing the korean for it. It would have been easy to just give a talk, but I wanted to make a difference with my talk! So it was tough. Telling stories is always hard in korean because you're never quite sure if people understand the point of your story. But the Lord blessed me and I was able to speak with power and authority in somewhat understandable Korean. (After my old comp yelled out that I was saying "college" instead of "high school", I fixed that and was good.) As Pres. Packer says, when we're worthy and prepared, "it always comes."

Best part of this week was "Sun-Shu" our new chinese investigator. We meet him street contacting at the college. Super cool, a freshman, but 27. speaks english, mandarin, and a little korean. Of course I used every chinese phrase I knew. ("My chinese is abominable." "The Book of Mormon is crazy awesome" --thanks MTC comp Elder South) We met him again and the lesson was amazing. I've never met anyone in Korea who actually has that level of sincere desire to know what it true. I've been fasting and praying for a while to find an investigator who had sincere interest. Not english or foreigner interest, but real desire. Sun Shu is the one! He has NO religious background, but is really open. He's read a little about our church off the internet, mostly bad stuff. When we talked about baptism, he said "Well, if I knew this was true, I guess yes, I would be baptized." AHHH. Well he will know, if he sincerely desires and acts in faith. So excited to keep meeting him.

And he LOVED that we had a mandarin Book of Mormon (not sure why, but we had one lying around the house. MIRACLE.) I turned to the last book, 10:4-5 and had him read a little. Yessss it was Moroni. He was way impressed that we could find the scriptures we wanted even though we couldn't read Chinese characters. Pretty sweet.

Great week. Huge blessings. Great District training by our new district leader. My old companion is growning up! 

Love you all! Pray for Sun-Shu!

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