Monday, April 28, 2014

April 29,  2014

Elder Whiting from the Area Presidency came on a mission tour trained
us this week. INCREDIBLE.
In Korean when you pronounce his name, it sounds like you're saying
the korean catchphrase "Fighting!". After his training, we wanted to
all go out Fighting!

In preparing for a training from a 70, I was really trying to prepare
good questions to have answered. I'd been studying power and authority
as a mission for a while now. The big questions I had were about
spiritual power. How do I get it? How do I know if I have it?

The majority of his training was about......Spiritual Power. I felt SO
blessed to receive so much revelation, so many answers and feel the
spirit so strongly. He came under the direction of the twelve and with
their authority, so he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon us. What
a marvelous experience. It seemed that everything I'd been studying
lately was discussed that day. Charity, Prayer, Faith, Power,
Authority. So amazing. He talked a lot about how to Petition the Lord
instead of simply pray. When we petition, we explain our righteous
desires, what we want, why we want it, what we will do if we get it.

He also touched on the faith to baptize. We all had grand expectations
before our missions, but within days or even hours of receiving our
calls, we started hearing faith killing comments about Korea. Then you
hear it from members and missionaries in country too. And soon we
become a self fulfilling prophecy. No baptisms at all. BUT that's not
how it's supposed to be. We need to believe that the Lord loves His
children here just as much as the ones in Africa, South America. He is
preparing people here just like He is there. And we can and will
baptize here. I certainly have seen the Lord working miracles here and
can testify that He loves Koreans. He IS preparing them, and He will
lead us to those who are ready. But I can always improve my faith. It
was a wonderful example of a training that raised our Vision.

After the mission tour President selected a few of us to be
interviewed by Elder Whiting. He must have known I had a couple
questions left, because he asked me. I was ready for an extra call to
repentance, but I got off easy. I didn't even get a chance to ask my
question before Elder Whiting began to answer it. I know that our
leaders are called of God and bear His power. It was an incredible
experience for which I am so grateful.

Please know that the Lord is preparing people wherever you are. If you
exercise faith and don't listen to the faith killing comments, you can
work wonders in His service.

Love you all!

--PIC+ kid on the left---A visitor from Seoul came to church. He asked
if the kid was a member's child. I said no. So he tried to kick the
kid out of the building. "We're having church, you have to leave." The
7yr old responds indignantly "I attend church." And marches past him
into the chapel.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21,  2014

If our ipads were here......I'd be hashtagging #Becauseofhim everywhere. But
since they're not....we just have to preach it by word of mouth!

We had a crazy lesson with one of our investigators this week. He
showed up super early and didn't really say a lot. We tried our best
to teach to his needs and keep the lesson a conversation. We were in
the middle of committing him to read the Book of Mormon when he stands
up, motions that he's taking a phone call, and just.....walks off.
Done. What? Apparently he had to go? We saw him later just sitting a
table at the college talking to his friends. Well, technically he's
progressing. And we'll get him later!

It's been a bit of a somber week in Korea. A huge boat accident
happened and about 300 people are dead/missing. Many of them students.
So all of Korea has been a little sad.

It's a time like this where the message of the restoration, especially
that of Christ and His resurrection is so vital. It is the crucial
bread of life to a starving world. I feel so overjoyed to be blessed
with this knowledge and overwhelmed with the opportunity to share it.
Because He was liffed up on the cross, we can be lifted up before the
Father. Because He died and rose again, the sting of death has been
removed. Though we are not immune to death, pain, sin and sorrow, we
can overcome it!

Partaking of the sacrament on this Easter Sunday was a particularly
sweet experience for me. I was filled with gratitude, love, and the
spirit. Oh how I know this message is true.

On a mission, the good things do not outnumber the bad/hard, but
because of Jesus Christ, they far outweigh them. #Becauseofhim

I love you all! Take a moment this week to reflect on what you have
#becauseofhim. Then share that gift with someone else!

Elder Rosenberg.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14,  2014
That the best title my continually decreasing english abilities could
come up with. Rough.

Conference was amazing. If you didn't approach it with questions, then
watch it again! Such a marvelous opportunity. Have to seize it!

Sadly, didn't get to see all of conference. I had been pushing that we
needed to repaint our church steeple. That finally got
approved.......for during conference. So ox in the mire, we rushed to
the roof. Then for the second coat, we were more prepared. So only 1
white shirt is covered in sanded rust and paint. Fun stuff.

We've been focusing a lot more on "finding as we go, " this week. We
don't need to rush past people, on the way to things, especially if
the "thing" we're rushing too is just another finding activity. We
must "heed promptings, promptly." "Coincidences do not exist, but
missed opportunities do."(Thanks Bryce). I've seen countless times
this week where the Lord has placed people in our path that would
could have easily passed by. One of those ended up being a meal of
fried chicken and way too many offers of special Korean mixed shots. I
convinced them to give me "Cola-Cider" a mix of sodas instead. The
Lord has poured out His blessings as we seek more earnestly to find
His children.

Elder Sullivan had the brilliant suggestion of us fasting this week.
It was specifically for general conference, but the blessings were
universal. The whole day we felt the spiritual much stronger than
usual. All of our appointments actually met us (a huge miracle), we
set up a record number of return appts, had a great lesson with our
recent convert. Our lesson with Sun-Shu was AMAZING. The spirit was
powerfully present and guided our every word. As we simply guided him
through the Book of Mormon to learn his relationship with God,
everything seemed to click for him. I felt prompted to promise him
that part of why he was in Korea was to find God, that Heavenly Father
led him here to us. Elder Sullivan bore powerful testimony. An
incredible lesson.

Then sprinted from said lesson to the bus stop (trying to make it back
to our city before curfew) I ran past your average
staring-at-the-white-man-middle-school-girl. I did three double takes
before stopping. We walked back and it was the daughter of one of
Elder McFarland and my old investigators. He was a golden investigator
who dropped off the map when his phone broke. I got her number and
told her to tell her dad to call us. The Lord knows ALL his children.
He put me in the path of this man's daughter. Then prompted me to
recognize a girl I'd only seen ONCE.

When you fast you WILL see miracles. Putting off natural desires will
draw you so much closer to the Lord and His spirit. All your spiritual
senses are intensified.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7,  2014

--One of the great assistants, 6'10, football scholarship at BYU.
--The korean military trying to keep the foreigners off the beach.

We've way too many of our potential investigators stolen by preachers this week.
It's times like these that lead me to the Christlike attribute of Confounding.

D&C 71:1--"confound your enemies; call upon them to meet you both in
public and in private; and inasmuch as ye are faithful their shame
shall be made manifest."

I choose public.
See me at the flagpole my friends.

All in jest of course. Though the Savior is SO good at confounding His enemies.

It's been a great week. Lots of first meetings with potential
investigators. TONS of HTBT/BRT.
Sun-Shu is.....progressing! He prayed. Sort of. But baby steps! We are
setting high goals and praying a ton for him.

Some members steamed up  Squid jerky for us. Actually not too bad. And
I saw my first Korean concert! The college where we find most of our
investigators had a huge festival with a big concert. Tons of Korean
dance groups, singing, screaming, and glowsticks. Took me back to my
highschool days. Sadly it wasn't a good finding opportunity. And we
were barely able to teach lessons, even inside buildings.

I had a great 'interview' sort of meeting with one of the Assistants
this week. Elder Kaufusi. He is an amazing missionary. Such an
incredible example. I role played teaching with him and received great
feedback. I hope I can someday be a missionary like that.

I was reading Pres Uchtdorf's talk "You can do it now" and learned a
lot about repentance. Then as I took the sacrament on Sunday, I really
felt like I was repenting and becoming better. It was an incredibly
spiritual experience, one of the more touching moments with the
atonement. Repentance IS for everyone, it is a hope filled path of
improvement. It's not just about becoming clean, it's about becoming
better. As we have Godly Sorrow, we are turned to the Savior and His
grace. That kind of sorrow really just makes us happy! Repentance is
such a happy, blessed opportunity. Love it.

SUPER excited for Gen Conf this week. Tons of questions ready.

Love you all. Work hard. Pray hard. Be faithful and ye shall NEVER be
confounded before you enemies.

Elder Rosenberg

--One of the great assistants, 6'10, football scholarship at BYU.
--The korean military trying to keep the foreigners off the beach.