Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14,  2014
That the best title my continually decreasing english abilities could
come up with. Rough.

Conference was amazing. If you didn't approach it with questions, then
watch it again! Such a marvelous opportunity. Have to seize it!

Sadly, didn't get to see all of conference. I had been pushing that we
needed to repaint our church steeple. That finally got
approved.......for during conference. So ox in the mire, we rushed to
the roof. Then for the second coat, we were more prepared. So only 1
white shirt is covered in sanded rust and paint. Fun stuff.

We've been focusing a lot more on "finding as we go, " this week. We
don't need to rush past people, on the way to things, especially if
the "thing" we're rushing too is just another finding activity. We
must "heed promptings, promptly." "Coincidences do not exist, but
missed opportunities do."(Thanks Bryce). I've seen countless times
this week where the Lord has placed people in our path that would
could have easily passed by. One of those ended up being a meal of
fried chicken and way too many offers of special Korean mixed shots. I
convinced them to give me "Cola-Cider" a mix of sodas instead. The
Lord has poured out His blessings as we seek more earnestly to find
His children.

Elder Sullivan had the brilliant suggestion of us fasting this week.
It was specifically for general conference, but the blessings were
universal. The whole day we felt the spiritual much stronger than
usual. All of our appointments actually met us (a huge miracle), we
set up a record number of return appts, had a great lesson with our
recent convert. Our lesson with Sun-Shu was AMAZING. The spirit was
powerfully present and guided our every word. As we simply guided him
through the Book of Mormon to learn his relationship with God,
everything seemed to click for him. I felt prompted to promise him
that part of why he was in Korea was to find God, that Heavenly Father
led him here to us. Elder Sullivan bore powerful testimony. An
incredible lesson.

Then sprinted from said lesson to the bus stop (trying to make it back
to our city before curfew) I ran past your average
staring-at-the-white-man-middle-school-girl. I did three double takes
before stopping. We walked back and it was the daughter of one of
Elder McFarland and my old investigators. He was a golden investigator
who dropped off the map when his phone broke. I got her number and
told her to tell her dad to call us. The Lord knows ALL his children.
He put me in the path of this man's daughter. Then prompted me to
recognize a girl I'd only seen ONCE.

When you fast you WILL see miracles. Putting off natural desires will
draw you so much closer to the Lord and His spirit. All your spiritual
senses are intensified.

Love you all! Have a great week!

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