Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21,  2014

If our ipads were here......I'd be hashtagging #Becauseofhim everywhere. But
since they're not....we just have to preach it by word of mouth!

We had a crazy lesson with one of our investigators this week. He
showed up super early and didn't really say a lot. We tried our best
to teach to his needs and keep the lesson a conversation. We were in
the middle of committing him to read the Book of Mormon when he stands
up, motions that he's taking a phone call, and just.....walks off.
Done. What? Apparently he had to go? We saw him later just sitting a
table at the college talking to his friends. Well, technically he's
progressing. And we'll get him later!

It's been a bit of a somber week in Korea. A huge boat accident
happened and about 300 people are dead/missing. Many of them students.
So all of Korea has been a little sad.

It's a time like this where the message of the restoration, especially
that of Christ and His resurrection is so vital. It is the crucial
bread of life to a starving world. I feel so overjoyed to be blessed
with this knowledge and overwhelmed with the opportunity to share it.
Because He was liffed up on the cross, we can be lifted up before the
Father. Because He died and rose again, the sting of death has been
removed. Though we are not immune to death, pain, sin and sorrow, we
can overcome it!

Partaking of the sacrament on this Easter Sunday was a particularly
sweet experience for me. I was filled with gratitude, love, and the
spirit. Oh how I know this message is true.

On a mission, the good things do not outnumber the bad/hard, but
because of Jesus Christ, they far outweigh them. #Becauseofhim

I love you all! Take a moment this week to reflect on what you have
#becauseofhim. Then share that gift with someone else!

Elder Rosenberg.

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