Monday, April 28, 2014

April 29,  2014

Elder Whiting from the Area Presidency came on a mission tour trained
us this week. INCREDIBLE.
In Korean when you pronounce his name, it sounds like you're saying
the korean catchphrase "Fighting!". After his training, we wanted to
all go out Fighting!

In preparing for a training from a 70, I was really trying to prepare
good questions to have answered. I'd been studying power and authority
as a mission for a while now. The big questions I had were about
spiritual power. How do I get it? How do I know if I have it?

The majority of his training was about......Spiritual Power. I felt SO
blessed to receive so much revelation, so many answers and feel the
spirit so strongly. He came under the direction of the twelve and with
their authority, so he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon us. What
a marvelous experience. It seemed that everything I'd been studying
lately was discussed that day. Charity, Prayer, Faith, Power,
Authority. So amazing. He talked a lot about how to Petition the Lord
instead of simply pray. When we petition, we explain our righteous
desires, what we want, why we want it, what we will do if we get it.

He also touched on the faith to baptize. We all had grand expectations
before our missions, but within days or even hours of receiving our
calls, we started hearing faith killing comments about Korea. Then you
hear it from members and missionaries in country too. And soon we
become a self fulfilling prophecy. No baptisms at all. BUT that's not
how it's supposed to be. We need to believe that the Lord loves His
children here just as much as the ones in Africa, South America. He is
preparing people here just like He is there. And we can and will
baptize here. I certainly have seen the Lord working miracles here and
can testify that He loves Koreans. He IS preparing them, and He will
lead us to those who are ready. But I can always improve my faith. It
was a wonderful example of a training that raised our Vision.

After the mission tour President selected a few of us to be
interviewed by Elder Whiting. He must have known I had a couple
questions left, because he asked me. I was ready for an extra call to
repentance, but I got off easy. I didn't even get a chance to ask my
question before Elder Whiting began to answer it. I know that our
leaders are called of God and bear His power. It was an incredible
experience for which I am so grateful.

Please know that the Lord is preparing people wherever you are. If you
exercise faith and don't listen to the faith killing comments, you can
work wonders in His service.

Love you all!

--PIC+ kid on the left---A visitor from Seoul came to church. He asked
if the kid was a member's child. I said no. So he tried to kick the
kid out of the building. "We're having church, you have to leave." The
7yr old responds indignantly "I attend church." And marches past him
into the chapel.

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