Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12  2014

-ferrariiiii: such a nice change after hearing wimpy korean cars for year
-traditional korean snack. cooked larvae. yummmmm.

It's been a great week. We've been pushing really hard to set high
goals then work our tails off to achieve them. Last night we were down
pretty far on our weekly goals, so I decided that walking was the
problem. We proceeded to run everywhere, whenever there wasn't a
person in sight, to save time. Despite the rain, darkness, and hills,
we blessed to so many miracles and exceeded our goals! Elder Sullivan
is a champ. I'm glad he puts up with me. And he's so good at opening
his mouth to everyone.

Saw a ferrari for the first time in my life. Turned and sprinted it
down. Ran into the road and snapped some pics. The korean guy LOVED

A member was asked to speak on faith this week. He got up and
proceeded to read all of Alma 32. Then without taking a breath, looked
up, bore his testimony, then sat down.

We were eating in E-mart the other day. I saw a dad crouching down in
front of his son. Then I realized the kid's pants were down, the dad
was holding a baby bottle, and it was being filled with urine. In the
middle of the store. Classic.

President said that the most joy on our missions will come from the
relationships we build. So true. I feel so much happiness from the
friendships I've made with our branch, recent converts, investigators,
people on the street. It can be a relationship of 6 months of knowing
and serving our amazing members. Or it can be the relationship of
6 mintutes, holding an 81yr old's hand and walking him across the
street. Or even the ones formed by eating the grass "pies" that little
kids in the branch give me to eat. Every moment we use to invite them
unto Christ results in more happiness for both of us. I am so grateful
for the wonder people I've met so far and look forward to many more
wonderful relationship here in the promised land.

As we reach out in the Lord's way, we will be infinitely rewarded.

Our mission focus this month is discipleship. I'd recommend Helaman
10, Matt10, Alma 38 if you've got a chance. The Lord will bless us as
we become His disciples.

Love you all! Have a wonderful mother's day. Enjoy the awesome video
about mothers!

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