Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26,  2014

Went into Seoul this week with my old companion Elder McFarland for a
training. He's a great missionary so it was fun. WOW. The city smells
different, sounds different, feels sooo different than where we're at.
It was actually pretty culture shocking. We felt sooo uncomfortable.
Like new missionaries getting off the plane. Weird. Getting to eat
some taco bell though.....sacred experience.

There have been big protests in seoul so there were about 200 police
officers in the sqaure by the palace. And 30 or so police buses lining
the streets. And tons of plain clothes undercover cops. They were
pretty undercover until you realized they were all wear the exact same
plaid shirt, jeans, and sunglasses.

The training was AMAZING. Definitely mission changing. President,
Sister Christensen, the Assistants, all gave incredible words. I'm so
grateful to have been able to go. I approached the meeting humbly,
hungering and thirsting after revelation, and OH was I filled. It was
a feast. It really gave me a kick in the pants about being a better
missionary. I'm trying hard, but I need to try harder. I need to show
a more perfect example for others. I need to love more, serve more, be
more of a leader. We have to set a celestial standard, and help others
reach that too.

I came with one specific question: "How can we raise others' vision?"
And it was answered in full. There were actually several portions
dedicated to that topic. AHHH. So blessed. We need to have a goal of
what we want to do, who we want to become. We need to desire to be the
mission who could walk on water, move mountains. Be our best. Shine
the light for others to see.  We set the example, we show other
examples, we teach priniciples. Then we help others see that. Help
them see their potential. And how to get there.

It is good to want to be the best. It is Christlike to want everyone
to be the best.
What is love when it is easy to love?
Have a passion for obedience.
Build spiritual trust with people, more than social trust.

I have so far to go. I'm so imperfect. But that's okay. The Lord takes
us where we are, then helps us move forward. I'm going. Not too
quickly, but I'm going. Through the Savior's enabling grace, we CAN
become all that we hope to become, all that God wants us to become.
That's Hope. Trusting in the Lord's promises to us. He has promised us
so many things. Obey. Trust. Receive.
D&C 35:14--"Their arm shall be my arm, I will be their shield"
68:4-our words will be scripture, the will of the Lord, the voice of
the Lord, teh power of God unto the salvation of men.

Elder Rosenberg

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