Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5,  2014

Today is children's day, a korean national holiday. So the usually
empty internet cafe is packed with kids screaming Korean expletives.
But we can make where we stand a holy place.

This week was GREAT! They always are, but this one was especially
good. We had an awesome hike this morning to a buddhist temple, and
some cool water falls. But only in Korea will you see cell towers in
the wilderness so you can still get your 4g.

We've seen some tender mercies as we set goals in faith, then press
forth with all our might to achieve them. Sometimes we don't, but the
result is still much greater than what it would have been otherwise.
Ah the Lord is too good to us.

But the best parts were miracles with our investigators.
Our sweet Chinese investigator has been progressing ever so slowly,
partly because he can only meet once a week. We decided to really be
straight with him and figure out why he's meeting us, how he feels
about it, and if he feels he's going anywhere. He told us that he
really feels our love for him. He thinks we actually care about him.
(We always call him during the week, and we weren't sure how he felt,
with his emotionless stoicism) Apparently our weekly calls mean a lot
to him. He's praying more and more often, and understanding so much
more. And the best are his questions! Questions often tell more than
answers. Our simply lesson of Christ and his role was beautiful in its
plain clarity. Sun Shu commented on how he feels like a spiritual
kindergartener. But that he could understand it. The gospel really is
SO simple. And yet so deep and profound that I give myself spiritual
headaches quite often.

Our other best investigator gave us a heart attack this week. He met
and basically told us it was all over. He'd felt the spirit with us
and knew from personal experience that church was good, but he is just
TOO busy. He's studying for a police exam that will culminate 10yrs of
preparation. So he just can't come to church. We just listened,
prayed, and prayed so more. But the Lord blessed our Korean and we
were able to bear powerful testimony and share personal experiences
that gave him pause. (I'd prepared a certain experience for a talk a
couple weeks ago. I felt that I had overprepared for the talk, but now
I see why. That experience changed him.). We are sometimes SO bold as
missionaries. He committed to pray and think about coming to church
just once to see if it will help/hurt his studies.

The Lord truly watches over this work. The field is white, already to
harvest. We are hear to harvest, not plant seeds, because we are
called as reapers. He is preparing people to both receive us, and to
accept this message and the covenant of baptism. Our sheaves will be
many and our harvest WILL be great.

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