Monday, June 30, 2014

they that be with us are more than they that be with them

June 30,  2014

A great week, full of surprises! One of the best, my new name tag
finally came! After 9 months of waiting, my baby is here! English and
Korean. Yes.

We got a surprise call to Seoul. Picked it all up and hustled over
there. A really sweet guest speaker came to speak to our mission, PJ
Rogers. I'll talk about him in a sec. But we also got to go to the
temple! Such an unexpected blessing. I was thinking I'd wait 4 of 5
months until I went again. WOOHOO!

The other night, I had finished my prayer and slipped into bed. I
specifically remember because it was so hot. Then I wake up, on my
knees, praying for investigators that don't exist, ones I'd just
dreamed up. They had specific needs, and I was pleading for them!
hahahah. I hope the Lord knows I'm being diligent.

I got to meet the other Elders' baptismal candidate this week. I felt
prompted to read 3 Nephi 11 with him. WOW. The spirit was so strong as
this brother haltingly read the words

  "Behold, I am Jesus Christ, whom the prophets testified shall come
into the world. And behold, I am the light and the life of the world;
and I have drunk out of that bitter cup which the Father hath given
me, and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the
world,in the which I have suffered the will of the Father in all
things from the beginning."

WOW. So amazing. It hit him. It hit the other elder. It hit me. Jesus
Christ IS He whom the prophets have testified of. He IS our savior,
redeemer, our loving older brother. He glorified the Father, He drunk
the bitter cup, He suffered all, for us. I know that will all my
And that investigator is getting baptized this week!!!

PJ Rogers. One of the best foreign korean speakers. He was a
missionary here, married a korean, then did a masters and phd program
at the Yale of korea, in korean. WHOA. Super funny, really inspiring.
He taught us a ton about korean culture, the incredibly huge
difference between western and eastern thinking, and some other good
stuff. Amazing.

Sorry, little time this week. But it's a great week of miracles.
Work hard, receive blessings, progress!
Love you all!

Monday, June 23, 2014


June 23,  2014

It's been a great week that's just flownnnn by.

Read a great talk by Elder Ballard from this past conference, Following Up.

Loved how he followed up on his past commitments from conference, definitely inspired me to follow up more powerfully on the commitments we extend. He referenced how important our church name is, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." There's a reason the Lord told us to name His church that. So I tried to use our name more in finding this week. You can teach so much about Christ, our message's center, and how it's His restored church in the Latter-days. I had a really cool experience teaching a kid on the bus about it, and he wanted to meet again! 

Saw my old ward mission leader this week! He is the BEST. Such a happy, spiritual guy. It's amazing how much a difference one family like his could make in a branch like ours if they were here. One family CAN make all the difference. 

Taught the our mafia friend's son this week. Cool to watch the kid transform from shy to warm and friendly. What we said really resonated with him. If we can connect with people, go to where they're at, and teach to their needs/interests, not just off a script, it truly opens hearts. 

Went on exchanges with the Zone Leader, Elder Farr this week. What an amazing missionary. Serving with him really raised my vision of who I can become. This is his last transfer and it great to learn how he'd changed over his time. I've come so far, but have yet so far to go. 

Choose now to have faith. We choose now to stick with our standards regardless of the situtation, then when we're tempted it's easy to be strong. Choose now to have faith regardless of the result. We know it's all true, we believe in miralces, God is our Father and Christ is our Savior, and this is their church. So no matter what comes, no matter what we see or don't see, we will have faith. Choose ye this day....

That's a lot of what district meeting was about this week, Faith, Discipleship, Works, Results. Elder Bednar's devotional "That we might not shrink." teaches the principle of having "the faith not to see results." We need to belive in Christ's ability and the reality of His power to do all things. Then trust completely in His will, His timetable. And go forward doing all we can to that unseen hope become seen (Heb 11;1). We are disciples regardless of the results we see. We maintain the vision of who we are and what we are doing, no matter how people accept our message. BUT, we can expect to see certain results. We are promised miracles (Eth12:16) and personal progression/conversion (Alma 5:12). "Miracles are a natural result of correct application of true principles." So we can have a surety that the Lord will work miracles in our work. He will change us, our hearts, our desires. Our capacity to serve Him will increase. And He has promised to that He is preparing people to receive us. We have that faith, to see those results, and a hope that we can see people exercise their agency righteously. We manifest that through our works. (james2:17-18,22). That faith WILL affect others. 

I know that this is the work God wants me to do. I am exactly where He wants me to be. I fall short day after day. But through the atonement of Jesus Christ, I am picked back up, and climb just a little higher each time. Heavenly Father loves His children in Korea just as much as He does in Africa or Brazil. And He called me as His servant to invite them to come unto Christ. 
It's all true. I know we can see miracles everyday as we do His work. 

So will you look through eyes of faith and see His hand in your life, each day this week? 
If you look, and pray to recognize, you will see it. In a beautiful, overwhelmingly merciful way. 

Love you ALL! 

Elder Rosenberg

--bowling fun. 

--yes I was playing against the sisters. No I will not say which one is me. ㅠㅠ

Monday, June 16, 2014

If you could ask God one question?

June 16 -

If you could ask God one question?
That's the title of our street boarding activity. Super fun! We go
around handing out sticky notes and people ask God their question. We
were able to invite hundreds unto Christ this week doing it. So fun.

It rained a bunch this week. Just like last transfer, my planner got
soaked and destroyed on the first day. That's how we like it! All
weather is good missionary weather! Inviting miracles!

I taught my first lesson to a less active this week! We've searched
for months, and walks for days, but never been able to teach any of
them. Until this week! The lesson was short, and while standing in the
rain, but it was a lesson! He committed to re-reading the verses we
shared. Mosiah 24:10-15. (super great, you should read them!).

We got a referral from the sisters, just an address. We went there,
but no one was home. On the way back we were talking to people when
this drunk guy comes up to us, motioning for us to follow and go get
some coffee. He walked us back to the same address and invited us in!
Totally wasted, very happy to see us, and very very lonely. Just
another lesson with an old drunk guy. But he reminded me sooo much of
my old investigator my greenie area, the one who eventually got
baptized. Seeing past the alcohol (when asked about his favorite food,
he responded "beer!!!") we saw a child of God who needed the redeemer
power of the atonement more than anything else. In personal study I
felt prompted that we needed to share about that, specifically
overcoming mistakes through Christ. As we shared that with this man,
he softened, agreed, and felt as much of the spirit as one can while
drunk. We're so excited to go back and teach him!

FAMILY HISTORY! I am sooo grateful that my grandparents are so good at
family history. In my 6 generation fan chart, I have only 2 names
missing. Whoa. As we started doing it with members this week, the
Spirit of Elijah was poured out in abundance. The Lord is hastening
His work in all areas. The work of temple ordinances is sooo crucial.
And so HAPPY! I felt such a love for my ancestors as I looked at their
pictures, and read their stories, and saw the connection that led back
through the ages to the first convert of our family. AH. If you've
never felt that kind of love, pray for the Spirit of Elijah and log on
to WOW.

I know this work is not just about the present. It's about forever.
We cannot be saved without our dead, nor they without us. We can live
with our families forever. Through the restored priesthood power of
God our families can be welded together through the eternities.

Love you all!

-ask a question!
-crazy cafe by the ocean

Monday, June 9, 2014

"...we did live upon raw meat in the wilderness.."

Jun 9,  2014

1Nephi 17:2,12.
We were fed more raw fish this week. Always a rough time, but we made  it through with a team effort. Better than last time, still interesting. But did not the Lord say "I will make thy food become sweet, that ye cook it not" ???

Also an old man this week was lecturing me on the medicinal properties of his mysterious green plants. He keep pulling up leaves, taking a
bite, then shoving them in my face. Of course I obliged. He showed one that is good for stomach health, lifts up his shirt, wacks his stomach, then gestures for me to do the same. I politely declined the offer to feel his "healthy abs."

The city he lived in is called 옥계, a really small farming town. We
took the first trip there in years. Tiny town you can walk through in
5mintutes, still has 4 churches and a temple. Pretty much just old
people that are set in their ways, but we had a lot of miracles there.
We passed a building where an old man was standing. We started talking
to him and he invites us in. I looked up the building name in our
dictionary, "Appreciation for the Elderly." We walk into a room full
of 80+ year old Koreans. All incredibly delighted to see us. We talked
a while, they went back to gambling, we went back to work. Baby steps.

We had a really hard but miracle filled day this week. All our
appointments cancelled, our two best investigators dropped us, and it
was raining. But we went out and worked anyway. We visited yet another
less active address, asked for the person, and he was THERE!  So rare.
Such a blessing. And then he actually talked to us and invited us
back, despite not attending church for almost 30 years. WOOHOO! Then
on the way home, a man stopped his car, ran across the street and
asked for the address to the church. He wants to come. And knows a lot
about the church. What?! That only happens in the Ensign and Brazil.

We've changed our outlook to street contacting. If we're going to have
a ward here, we are going to need more members in leadership
positions. So we've set out each day looking for the new Bishop, YM
president, Elders Q pres, seminary teacher, etc. Then seeing each
person we talk to as one of those callings. It's been a beautiful way
to raise our vision and strengthen our faith.

All things in the Lord's time.
Small things lead to great miracles.
We are laying the foundation of a great work!

It's all true.

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2,  2014

"So, you got a lover?" Number one question I hear from people over 60.
The answer is yes, this work! LOVE IT.

Cut my hair this week like usual. But the clippers came undone and
sliced a little too much. see pic.

A gentleman tried to buy a Book of Mormon off of us this week. He
pulled out $20.....I just shook my head. There's no way he could
afford to pay for THIS book. We'd just have to give it to him as a
present. Who can afford to pay it's true worth? Many have paid their
life for it.....

Classic story from exchanges. Elder McFarland and I try to get into a
building to knock and the 관리 (a spanish sounding word for
securityguard/gardener) kicked us out. He pushed us out and pointed to
a church, "Go there." We thanked him for his directions, then climbed
the fire escape when he wasn't looking. Eventually he caught us on the
camera a few floors into knocking. He rides the elevator up, then it
opens right in the middle of us talking to a lady. We ignore and
finish the contact. Then without looking at him, walk to the next door
and knock. Then the next, and so forth. All we hear is him standing in
teh elevator, letting the doors close, then opening them again. Close,
open, close open, close. For 5 or so minutes. He tries to wave us over
to him. We ignore him and keep knocking. Finally the doors close and
he sits there for a few minutes on our floor. Finally he goes back
down. When we finished all the floors, we rode the elevator down and
talked to him too! He wasn't interested. Sad. But he didn't call the
cops either, and offered us coffee after we warmed him up. Classic

The highlight of the week was the conference with Elder Cook of the
twelve and getting to go to the temple.

Words can't describe the temple. But it's worth every sacrifice to go
there. The blessings are unending, and innumerable. Such glory, joy,
peace, perspective, and sheer love can be felt Nowhere else. Please

Elder Cook's conference was great. He is truly an apostle of the Lord.
As he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon us, I was filled with that
certainty. He was called by revelation and holds the keys to the
kingdom. He is a prophet, seer and revelator.  Our church is truly led
by the power of God.

He particularly blessed us with joy and confidence. He said that
though we may not baptize like Brazil, we can still feel joy in our
service and know that we are doing what the Lord would have us do. We
can still serve wonderful, successful, and powerful missions that will
change generations.
He answered all my questions. It didn't seem so at first but as I
reviewed my notes, I was filled with all that I could receive.

This gospel is all true! The temple is the ultimate goal. Go to the
temple, bring others with you, go and claim your blessings!

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg