Monday, June 16, 2014

If you could ask God one question?

June 16 -

If you could ask God one question?
That's the title of our street boarding activity. Super fun! We go
around handing out sticky notes and people ask God their question. We
were able to invite hundreds unto Christ this week doing it. So fun.

It rained a bunch this week. Just like last transfer, my planner got
soaked and destroyed on the first day. That's how we like it! All
weather is good missionary weather! Inviting miracles!

I taught my first lesson to a less active this week! We've searched
for months, and walks for days, but never been able to teach any of
them. Until this week! The lesson was short, and while standing in the
rain, but it was a lesson! He committed to re-reading the verses we
shared. Mosiah 24:10-15. (super great, you should read them!).

We got a referral from the sisters, just an address. We went there,
but no one was home. On the way back we were talking to people when
this drunk guy comes up to us, motioning for us to follow and go get
some coffee. He walked us back to the same address and invited us in!
Totally wasted, very happy to see us, and very very lonely. Just
another lesson with an old drunk guy. But he reminded me sooo much of
my old investigator my greenie area, the one who eventually got
baptized. Seeing past the alcohol (when asked about his favorite food,
he responded "beer!!!") we saw a child of God who needed the redeemer
power of the atonement more than anything else. In personal study I
felt prompted that we needed to share about that, specifically
overcoming mistakes through Christ. As we shared that with this man,
he softened, agreed, and felt as much of the spirit as one can while
drunk. We're so excited to go back and teach him!

FAMILY HISTORY! I am sooo grateful that my grandparents are so good at
family history. In my 6 generation fan chart, I have only 2 names
missing. Whoa. As we started doing it with members this week, the
Spirit of Elijah was poured out in abundance. The Lord is hastening
His work in all areas. The work of temple ordinances is sooo crucial.
And so HAPPY! I felt such a love for my ancestors as I looked at their
pictures, and read their stories, and saw the connection that led back
through the ages to the first convert of our family. AH. If you've
never felt that kind of love, pray for the Spirit of Elijah and log on
to WOW.

I know this work is not just about the present. It's about forever.
We cannot be saved without our dead, nor they without us. We can live
with our families forever. Through the restored priesthood power of
God our families can be welded together through the eternities.

Love you all!

-ask a question!
-crazy cafe by the ocean

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