Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2,  2014

"So, you got a lover?" Number one question I hear from people over 60.
The answer is yes, this work! LOVE IT.

Cut my hair this week like usual. But the clippers came undone and
sliced a little too much. see pic.

A gentleman tried to buy a Book of Mormon off of us this week. He
pulled out $20.....I just shook my head. There's no way he could
afford to pay for THIS book. We'd just have to give it to him as a
present. Who can afford to pay it's true worth? Many have paid their
life for it.....

Classic story from exchanges. Elder McFarland and I try to get into a
building to knock and the 관리 (a spanish sounding word for
securityguard/gardener) kicked us out. He pushed us out and pointed to
a church, "Go there." We thanked him for his directions, then climbed
the fire escape when he wasn't looking. Eventually he caught us on the
camera a few floors into knocking. He rides the elevator up, then it
opens right in the middle of us talking to a lady. We ignore and
finish the contact. Then without looking at him, walk to the next door
and knock. Then the next, and so forth. All we hear is him standing in
teh elevator, letting the doors close, then opening them again. Close,
open, close open, close. For 5 or so minutes. He tries to wave us over
to him. We ignore him and keep knocking. Finally the doors close and
he sits there for a few minutes on our floor. Finally he goes back
down. When we finished all the floors, we rode the elevator down and
talked to him too! He wasn't interested. Sad. But he didn't call the
cops either, and offered us coffee after we warmed him up. Classic

The highlight of the week was the conference with Elder Cook of the
twelve and getting to go to the temple.

Words can't describe the temple. But it's worth every sacrifice to go
there. The blessings are unending, and innumerable. Such glory, joy,
peace, perspective, and sheer love can be felt Nowhere else. Please

Elder Cook's conference was great. He is truly an apostle of the Lord.
As he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon us, I was filled with that
certainty. He was called by revelation and holds the keys to the
kingdom. He is a prophet, seer and revelator.  Our church is truly led
by the power of God.

He particularly blessed us with joy and confidence. He said that
though we may not baptize like Brazil, we can still feel joy in our
service and know that we are doing what the Lord would have us do. We
can still serve wonderful, successful, and powerful missions that will
change generations.
He answered all my questions. It didn't seem so at first but as I
reviewed my notes, I was filled with all that I could receive.

This gospel is all true! The temple is the ultimate goal. Go to the
temple, bring others with you, go and claim your blessings!

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

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