Monday, June 9, 2014

"...we did live upon raw meat in the wilderness.."

Jun 9,  2014

1Nephi 17:2,12.
We were fed more raw fish this week. Always a rough time, but we made  it through with a team effort. Better than last time, still interesting. But did not the Lord say "I will make thy food become sweet, that ye cook it not" ???

Also an old man this week was lecturing me on the medicinal properties of his mysterious green plants. He keep pulling up leaves, taking a
bite, then shoving them in my face. Of course I obliged. He showed one that is good for stomach health, lifts up his shirt, wacks his stomach, then gestures for me to do the same. I politely declined the offer to feel his "healthy abs."

The city he lived in is called 옥계, a really small farming town. We
took the first trip there in years. Tiny town you can walk through in
5mintutes, still has 4 churches and a temple. Pretty much just old
people that are set in their ways, but we had a lot of miracles there.
We passed a building where an old man was standing. We started talking
to him and he invites us in. I looked up the building name in our
dictionary, "Appreciation for the Elderly." We walk into a room full
of 80+ year old Koreans. All incredibly delighted to see us. We talked
a while, they went back to gambling, we went back to work. Baby steps.

We had a really hard but miracle filled day this week. All our
appointments cancelled, our two best investigators dropped us, and it
was raining. But we went out and worked anyway. We visited yet another
less active address, asked for the person, and he was THERE!  So rare.
Such a blessing. And then he actually talked to us and invited us
back, despite not attending church for almost 30 years. WOOHOO! Then
on the way home, a man stopped his car, ran across the street and
asked for the address to the church. He wants to come. And knows a lot
about the church. What?! That only happens in the Ensign and Brazil.

We've changed our outlook to street contacting. If we're going to have
a ward here, we are going to need more members in leadership
positions. So we've set out each day looking for the new Bishop, YM
president, Elders Q pres, seminary teacher, etc. Then seeing each
person we talk to as one of those callings. It's been a beautiful way
to raise our vision and strengthen our faith.

All things in the Lord's time.
Small things lead to great miracles.
We are laying the foundation of a great work!

It's all true.

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

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