Monday, July 7, 2014

The best of times

July 7,  2014

Saw a sign this week: Urinating prohibited. Why was it funny? because
it was inside an apartment building, in front of the elevator.

Ate intestine for the first time this week. Pretty good.
FHE games are the best. Imagine little kids playing ninja, signs,
bunny bunny, samurai, etc. But they're all adults. And Korean. And
trying to understand from badly conveyed instruction from yours truly.
But all LOVING it. Sooo fun.

This week was SOOO packed with miracles. Baptisms, baptismal dates.

Robert was baptized this week! He wasn't our investigator, but that
doesn't matter.
Doing his baptismal interview was such a cool experience. So powerful.
He'd been searching for years, and through a series of crazy
circumstances, ended up here in Korea. He lost his job and is leaving
in 3 weeks. But the Lord brought him here to find the gospel. He found
it, he embraced it, and he intends to follow it forever.
His baptismal service was pretty cool. Half english. Half Korean.
Really only the missionaries understood the whole thing. We had 4
investigators there! The branch did such good job welcoming him and
showing love.
His confirmation on Sunday was also powerful. Despite Satan attacking
Robert, he prepared for and took that step in following Jesus Christ.
He's such a wonderful man, and will continue to be a great member.

We did exchanges this week and I meet the other Elders' investigator,
Isaac. He's a really cool kid that I've actually met a lot. Last time
I met him, he was going to drop us. But we prayed like the dickens,
listened sincerely, followed the spirit, and he stayed. This time, I
felt that we should give him a baptismal date. As I extended that to
him, he accepted it excitedly. He said "I first met the Lord in march,
as I was baptized into the Presbyterian faith. But it's like living in
a small city that you like. But then you see a new, bigger, better
city. And you wonder if you should move, if your city is really best?
I really want the Mormon faith to be true."
SO cool. The spirit was so powerful.

While I was gone, Elder Sullivan got a baptismal date with one of our
really cool kids, on the first meeting! Super excited. The first
baptismal date our area has ever had!

The Lord is pouring our His blessings in Donghae. He sure loves these
people. And as we work hard, live obediently, and testify, He will
reward us. Our sheaves will be made full. He will open the people's
hearts, they will receive us. The Lord is pleased with the wonderful
missionaries that I am blessed to serve next to.

I was so struck last night with how much I LOVE this people. My
people. The people of Korea, but specifically here in
Donghae/Samcheok. My heart is full.

Love you all! Have a great week. Invite as many people as you can to
be happier!

Elder Rosenberg.

--robert's baptism
--food at the baptism, I made the cookies.

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