Monday, July 21, 2014

The Dog Days....

July 22,  2014

We are currently in a period of time called the "dog days." The 30
hottest days of summer. Named because they traditionally eat dog soup
during this time. Fun.

Transfer calls came and I'm.....STAYING! This will be my 6th transfer
here, 4th with Elder Sullivan. WHOOOAOA! So I will be spending almost
HALF of my mission in Donghae. yeah I'm happy.

We've been working hard this week, cutting back meal times and really
focusing on  "keeping our lines in the water." You know it's a good
week when dinner is usually just a back up plan.

It's been interesting to see my spiritual sensitivity slowly
increasing as I grow. I've had many a cool experience this week with
it. It seems for me, I don't have those classic inspiration stories.
"I felt to go to this address at this time, and I met the guy who
wanted to get baptized."  But it's the little, day to day, tender
mercies and little promptings that have build my foundation of faith.
I know the spirit is with us, and I have learned to recognize what it
feels like. As I've focused on boldly heeding those little 'nudges'
I've felt them muchhhh more often.

One cool experience this week. We were on a "shee-neh" bus, one of the
big tour buses we ride almost daily. We try to sit next to people so
we can talk, but there was no one to sit with. I sat pretty close to
the back. Then an old guy gets on with headphones, watching a movie on
his phone,  and sits up front. I was really tired and didn't feel like
that awkward situation would help him. But I prayed, "Heavenly Father
if I'm supposed to talk to him, let me know." and stood up to show my
real intent. The immediate response, "Duh. We talk to everybody." Ok.
So I weaved my way up the isle, plopped down next to him, looked over
and proclaim loudly, "NICE SHOES! WHERE"D YOU BUY THEM!" He pulls out
his headphones and says in perfect english, "In the states, but
nottttt utah hahah" Boom. Turns out he's an english professor who
lived in american, visited utah a ton, and loves mormons. Thank you so
much to the nice mormons who helped him out when he was lost! Boom.
Follow the spirit. No matter how awkward it might seem. Simple things,
truths we already know, but good to refresh.

Other big takeaway this week: The Restoration. What an incredible
story. So powerful, so live changing, so 신기해요. And it makes sense.
Logical, simple, truth. Other religious theories are SO confusing, but
the missionary 1st lesson is sooo right. It's beautiful. God led His
people through prophets throughout all time. Christ established 1
church, with a prophet. But that church was lost because of
wickedness. In our day God has restored that same church through a
modern prophet. BOOM. easy. And what's more, it's true! And any one
can learn that same truth through prayer and study. Easy.  No
unknowable God, no complex and erroneous trinity, no man made creeds.

God is our Father. He has always loved His children. And He loves us
today. I know that. Through my our prayer and study I have learned
that this church IS that same church Christ originally established.
The Lord has answered my prayers. And I know that He will do the same
for anyone who asks.

Love you all! Be happy! Take care during the dog days!

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  1. I always love your blogs! I never have those Great Spiritual Experiences either, but I've learned that it really is the small, simple things that have greater value. Go you!!