Monday, August 25, 2014

AHHH The best week

August 25,  2014

Once again, this week was the best week of my mission. Once again I remember why I'm here. Once again I'm reminded that this IS all true. ahhhhhh. I love it.

"God will hold us responsible for the people we might have saved, had we done our duty." 
--Pres John Taylor
We will be held accountable for all those that we could have helped, blessed, uplifted, all those who could have come to the same happiness as us, all those that could have, but didn't. If we are slothful and do not our duty, we will not be counted worthy to stand at the last day. AHHH I love these people so much and I so badly want them to enjoy the blessings I do. Moreover, it's my duty.

Biggest  miracle:
About 8months ago, I was working on trying to find a certain less active, Brother Yong-Gil, but wasn't able to locate his house. However about 3months ago, Elder Sullivan and I found him. Visited a few times, but just got yelled at. Actually very rudely, very harshly. Not fun. And the poor guy wouldn't even accept the brownies we made him! Ouch. That's the background on Brother Yong-gil. 

Well, these past few weeks, we've had 0 investigators and despite backbreaking effort, have yet found 0 new investigators. That's no fun. But we're still working hard. The other night, we were walking home after a long day of 0 zero success. We passed by a little pavilion sort of thing up a little hill. I saw a man sitting up there, in the dark, with headphones in. I thought, "yeah, that'd be a super weird contact. I'd have to walk up there, scare him, then super unnaturally start a conversation. (usually awful with koreans) yeah, I'll just go talk to the guy at the bus stop instead. that'd be better."

 But as soon as I walked past the hill, I felt the slightest nudge on my conscious. Ever so soft as to barely be recognizable. Probably one of the weakest spiritual impressions I've ever felt. But I followed it. I turned, strode up to this guy, plopped down next to him and started talking. He was ticked. But I kept talking. Then he says, "I know who you are. I know your face. I remember you. You came to my house." (whattttt? I've never seen this guy before? have I?) He keeps talking. Then suddenly it's hits me. BROTHER YONG-GIL! He freaks out. "you remember my name?????" Then elder sullivan jumps in too. BOOM. His heart begins to soften. We end up talking there in the dark for over an hour. About him, the missionary who baptized him, about the church, about prayer, about who it was God who told me to talk to him, about how God is still watching over him. 

It was an absolutely incredible experience. Probably one of the coolest of my entire mission. The Lord led us to this man, a man I've been praying for for months. And He softened this man's heart, little by little. As we prayed to close, he took our hands and simply said "I like you. I really do. You are good people." The man who before yelled in my face on multiple occasions. Told me many times to NEVER visit him again. This man was changed. 

2 quick principles from this experience. 
1--A few months ago, I would not have recognized or followed that spiritual prompting. But the Lord has been preparing me, teaching me how to recognize, how to follow His voice. I've had so many little things that prepared me for that moment.

2-The Lord is always watching over His children. He will lead them to you, He will lead you to them. He truly directs this work. He truly love each and every one of us. 

I love you all. This IS the work of the Lord. He loves each of you too. When we stray from the flock, He will leave the 99 and find us. We too must go to the rescue and find the 1. 

Elder Rosenberg

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