Monday, August 11, 2014


August 11,  2014

Yes it took me way too many tries to spell aisle.
Met a guy in the store the other day who really wanted to bible bash with us. But 2 problems. 1)Bible bashing only works if the white boys understand the things you're yelling. 2)Sometimes we don't feel like bashing. It's a careful balance between "contend with no church" and "Confound your enemies". In the Ramen aisle, we chose the soft answer, turned away wrath. Fun stuff. 

Met a cool guy this week. Met him for the first time my first week in Donghae. EIGHT months ago. Hasn't answered a single phone call since. Until last week. Decided to meet us. New investigator. Pretty cool. Sometimes the spirit works on people, other times they're just reallyyy bored. Either way, it's a chance to come unto Christ! 
The key to getting him interested? Parables. Sooo key in teaching. You take what they love, ie badminton, and talk about it for a while, build some trust, then relate it back to the gospel. Badminton and the gospel are sooo similar. Who knew?

Our best investigator, Brother Gee-Seok, is doing well. He accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson, then couldn't meet us for weeks. We finally met him again, and he told us that he had "broken off relations with the catholic church." Despite attending for 25 yrs, he decided they don't follow the bible, and their teachings and actions don't match. He was confused, looking for answers. We felt to share about Joseph Smith and it blew his mind. (Once again reaffirming to me that the story is TRUE.) We've met him once more since then. He's praying and reading and feeling good. Sooo close to coming to church this week, but instead partied with his girlfriend. But we'll get him! The Lord is watching closely over this brother! (Side note, last time we taught him he brought his japanese friend. So we had japanese, korean, english, all flying around. The atheist Japanese brother prayed for the first time, and better be getting baptized in japan soon! )

Lots of cool experiences following the Spirit this week. Felt one time to immediately refer to the Book of Mormon while knocking a certain door. Turns out the lady read a little 20years ago from it. NICE. 

A simple lesson reinforced once again this week. "Open your mouths and spare not!" It's no fun when the guy on the bus next to you doesn't want to talk. And it's easy to stop and give up. But I decided to just start talking about korea to try and open him up a little. I basically just spouted off everything I knew about the current holidays, and korean traditions surrounded them. In America, if some foreigner on a bus starts rattling off facts about President Lincoln, you're like "Whatever." If you do it in korea......"You LOVE my country. And my grandma. And me! LOVEEE." 
Boom. He opened right up. Turns out he's been wondering about religion. He isn't happy and is really interested in how our message can improve his life and family relationships. Yes, the missionaries in South Seoul will probably baptize him soon. 
Spare not. 

If we open our mouths, they will be filled. If we reach out in love, despite rejection after rejection, we will find success. We cannot afford to let a single person pass by, what if they were the one? A hundred people rejected you, but it's in vain, because you missed the 101th person, who was ready. One more door. One more call. One more contact. 

It's all true. Jesus Christ IS our savior and redeemer. 

love you all! 
Elder Rosenberg

--cutest little boys. longest story with them. but they're in an orphanage 3hrs away. But the Lord brought them back one last time. Tender mercy. 

--we live in building 28. My little patch of paradise.

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