Monday, August 18, 2014

smores on a chopstick

August 18,  2014

Found an american candy store this week! Bought marshmellows, hershey's and roasted smores over a lighter. SOOOO goooood. Koreans are super inquistive people, so we had a whole crowd of them gathered around watching. It blew our recent convert's mind.
Met the manager of the Korean bobsled team this week. Nice guy. 

We did a service project picking up trash in the downtown of Donghae as a district. Super fun. Everyone that saw us just LOVED it. "Oh you came all the way from america to clean our great korea? ahhhhhhh" The neon mormon helping hands vests were super sweet. We want to keep doing it; it's a good way to soften people's hearts and help them see us in a different light. The Key to people's hearts!  (We're the missionary avengers, try and guess who we are!)

We had an incredible district meeting this week. I had a really tough time trying to figure out what we needed, and didn't feel like I had prepared as well as was necessary. But the Lord rewards those who give their best efforts. He really guided the meeting and sent His spirit among us. We talked a lot about the sabbath, church attendance, how to make it more meaningful for us and our investigators. It's hard to get a lot out of church when you don't understand what's being said. But if you come seeking revelation, desiring to learn, He will pour His spirit out upon us. We also took a few minutes and pondered why we each individually attend church. When the missionaries went around sharing their personal ''church attendance testimonies" the spirit was SO strong. There were tears and powerful testimonies. Such a great experience. 

I attend church to renew the promises I made with God, through the sacrament. I go to feel His spirit, and draw closer to Him. I go to get answers. When I keep those things in mind, when I come with questions, when I note down revelation, when I share what I learned, I am filled with an assurance that this IS the true church of Jesus Christ. Other churches might be more fun, more reverent, or more enjoyable. But no where else can you feel this spirit, get these answers, or draw this close to the Lord. 

Love you all! Enjoy the Sabbath this week. Make it more meaningful. Draw near unto Him and He will draw near unto you. 

Elder Rosenberg

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  1. You know, I haven't actually thought about why I attend church much lately. It seems like it's just a habit, something I just do, no particular reason. I'm going to have to really think about this and make it mean something this weekend. Thank you.