Monday, September 29, 2014


Sept 29,  2014

Life. Is. Good.

I'm busier, and have more responsibility and worries than ever before, but it's so GREAT. 
I'm so grateful for the 'load' that provides spiritual traction, that allows me to move forward. 
I am just soooo blessed. 

I had the chance to go on exchanges back in my greenie area, and meet 2 of my old investigators who finally were baptized. One, Brother Kwon, was taught for almost a year and a half before finally getting baptized. Though I couldn't speak but a few words of Korean, he remembered me. "Ahh you helped me move offices like 5 times." (yes we did) He repeated that maybe five times. Even if we lack in the language, we never have to lack in love. Then Brother Ahn, the 76yr old legend. He was so excited to see me. "Rosenberg" is one of the only 4 foreigner names that he knows. His faith is so strong. He has a pile of scriptures and liahonas, topped by a massive magnifying glass. We read Alma 32 together from the children's storybook, and he LOVED it. Every couple sentences, he stop and go back. "Oh, yes, yeah. Exactly Alma. Yes, faith. Umm good seeds. Oh perfect. Tell em alma." So funny. 

Brother Brother is doing well. His friends are not supportive, but he feels the seed beginning to grow, and he can tell that it is good. 

Jun-Lee, our chinese friend, brought another friend, Jing, to our lesson. So cool to see the simple truths of who God is, touch their hearts. 

A couple weeks ago, we met a really cool guy on the street, taught the restoration right there, and gave him a book of mormon. But his phone number got suspended. Then the other night, in the middle of a lesson, he walks up. So we split and taught two lessons, there sitting on benches. His friends told him that our church is a cult, a sham, fake, pretend, so he needed to throw that book away. But he didn't believe them. He's been reading it and feels so good when he does. It was a really cool miracle to have the chance to teach him about the Savior's healing power and how it could heal the wounds he was grieving. 

It's been a crazy week. But I love it all. The Lord loves His children. He will lead them to the truth if they are ready. If we will repent and return to Christ, He will heal us. (3Nephi 9:13). He felt all our pains and afflictions so that He could. And He will. 

Love you all! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Windows of Heaven

September 22,  2014

-my district! SOOO many koreans.
-by the palace!

Ahhh it's been an incredible week. The Lord truly opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings we couldn't even receive. We met so many people, taught the first lessons a surprising amount of times and picked up a bunch of new investigators. 

--Jay-oong: he works for his church, but LOVED the Joseph Smith story. Real intent, sincerity, he's got it down. But he's convinced that he's going to see God like JS did.....
--Jun-Ri: Golden chinese! 
-Hyeung-Jae: His name is the same word as "Brother: So we call him "Brother Brother." He's suchhh a brother though. Parties, smokes, drinks, lives in the world. But recognizes that it doesn't bring him happiness. 
--Several more. To put it in perspective: we got more investigators this week than our whole district had in the past couple months. 

It definitely wasn't us. It was the Lord deciding to grant us success. But it certainly helps that my companion is such a champ. Elder Lee is so excited and so prepared to do missionary work. He's been here for less than a month but he acts like he's been here a year! 

We're working hard with the members, visiting them and role play with them: how to invite their friends to activities. They're so fun to be with. 

I had a GREAT sunday this week. The gospel doctrine teacher is super old, had every church calling, and is currently int eh temple presidency. So his lessons are incredible. I don't understand it all, but what I get blows my mind. And a member lent me his tablet for elders quorum so I could read the lesson in english. Wow. Most I've ever got out of church before! 
"The supreme act of worship is to keep the commandments, to follow in the footsteps of the son of God, to do ever the things that please Him."--Joseph Fielding Smith

And I gave a talk. That was fun. Practiced a bunch, prayed like the dickens, and it went okay. The lady who went after me got up and spent the first few minutes talking about my face. "He has such a nice face and looks just soooo happy." Hope they liked the content of my talk too.....

LOVE MY LIFE. Love korea. Love my companion. It's all so great. 

The Lord is certainly blessing us here. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

A week of no missionary work :(

September 15,  2014

It's been a most interesting week. Monday, everyone in the mission just cleaned their houses because it was a massive korean holiday. Tuesday was temple day. Then Wednesday to Sunday I was decommissioned by a nasty intestinal virus. Finally managed to leave the house today to renew my visa, an enjoyable 5hr process.

Sooooo not a lot of work happened this week. Which is really sad. But a few highlights:

-We met a sweet less active and ate dinner together. Taught a really great lesson on prayer. Just walking around a park at night, testifying of the simple truths about God and prayer. There was something really beautiful about that. God does hear us, He wants to talk to us, and He will answer. I know it. 

-The sacrament has taking such a big role on my mission. And this week it was especially sacred. Church was a risky excursion from the house, I was feeling pretty sick, and unhappy about the week in general. But as we sang the sacrament hymn, heard the prayers, and partook of the sacrament, a  sweet peace filled my heart. I felt the quiet reaffirmation that the Lord truly suffered for me, He understands exactly how I feel. His grace and mercy are enough to make up for my shortcomings. I can repent. I can be made whole. I can rise up, get better, be better. Really sweet. 

-ONE OF MY OLD INVESTIGATORS GOT BAPTIZED. Only a 15min bus ride away, but NO one told me. Sad. But I taught him as a greenie, a year ago. And finallyyyyyy he's entering the waters. Super cool. A testimony builder. Never give up on people. Keep praying for them. 

The temple is great. Wish I could go every day. 

Love you all. Be healthy, be happy. Do work. 

Elder Rosenberg.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"I don't shake hands with cult members."

Sept 8,  2014

HA. Probably the funnest thing that happened this week. Talking to a guy who was convinced we're a cult. Didn't have any interest. That's ok. I wished him a good day and stuck out my hand to shake his. "No. I don't shake hands with cult members." HAHAHHA. Poor guy. That caused me launch into to a testimony about how we're all God's children, brothers and sisters, regardless of what we believe, God loves him, I love him, etc. All the time I'm rubbing his arm, just in case I can get some of the cult to wipe off one him.
My companion sort of looks to me after, sort of "how do I react?" But I'm busy pulling out my planner to make of note to write about it in my journal. "These are the money experiences! hahah" He'll learn. 

Anyway, life is grand here in 장위! (jang-wee). It's huge. So many people. The ward is awesome. So many people. We have the stake president's family too, and they are all super sweet. I actually saw the wife working at the temple the day before I came here. 

My son was born at a solid 120ish pounds and 36 ounces. He's full blooded korean. (must of got that from his mom's side.) But went to high school in America. And attends WashU. So he's fluent in both languages, super smart, and way prepared to be a missionary! 이호현 장로님. Elder Ho-Hyun Lee. He's been going so hard this week. It's been sweet. 

We had a big mission conference for a the korean holiday 추석, basically their thanksgiving. President taught us a ton of awesome things, especially about prayer. And he talked a lot about the stats of our mission. For the past 10-15yrs, baptisms have been steadily decreasing. But when president got here in 2012, it stopped. Then in 2013 is slowly increased. And this year, after accounting for the increase of missionaries, the number of baptisms have doubled. After 10 years of decrease, they DOUBLED. That's the effect of a righteous, powerful leader. And evidence that the Lord is hastening His work. 

Just a couple thoughts on prayer. Prayer is the BEST. I've really learned how to pray as a missionary. It's really talking to God, two way, building a relationship. We align our wills with His, submit our hearts, humble ourselves. We ask questions, get answers, offer our gratitude. It's a precious time. I know that God hears our prayers. I know He wants us to talk with Him. We can each improve our prayers in little ways. PMG ch4 has some great ideas. 

2 favorite prayer videos:

Love you all! 
Elder Rosenberg

Monday, September 1, 2014

If God had granted me a son...."

Sept 1,  2014

Transfer calls came and reminded me of Les Mis song that MoTab sang...
God's granted me a son! I'm whitewashing an area in Seoul and training new missionary!!!!

This week the drought ended and we found some new investigators! Tons of super sweet miracles. One  investigator, Jin-Soo, reminds me exactly of my old investigator in Gireum that eventually got baptized. Therefore, Jin-Soo is also going to receive baptism! Super nice old man. When we knocked on his door he just yells, "Come in, it's open!" That's a one in about 10,000 experiecne. WOOO!

The other is an old investigator from before I got here. The record says "DO NOT MEET. NOT PREPARED AT ALL!" Well.....that's sad. Because he's now very prepared, accepted a soft baptismal commitment, and is eager to meet us and learn about the gospel. Never give up hope. It was an incredible lesson. Lot's of listening, roping things back to the gospel, Elder Sullivan bringing sweet parables. Lot's of confounding. Lot's of really bold testimony and invitations. Taught with the spirit and he responded under that spirit. 

We had an amazing District Conference (like stake conf).  SOOO good. I learned so much. And understood way more than I did at the last one 6months ago. Super good revelation. The theme was Alma 37:6. Small and simple things. Such an important lesson. The church here is small and simple, but it is STRONG. They have such powerful testimonies. We have incredible leaders who truly love the work. 

So after about 9months here, it's time to leave Donghae. I am incredibly sad. My heart has expanded so much as these people have taught me how to love. I've learned to love more than I ever thought I could. Most of my mission has been spent here in the land of the east sea. It is truly the promised land. I have made such precious relationships and it's so hard to say goodbye. If I don't come back to Korea, I will never see these people again. It's hard. Really hard. Our branch is so great, each member has a special place in my heart. Ah. That's what this is really about. 

But I can leave happy. We started with nothing, but we've now got an area book full of soooo many people that have come a little closer to Christ. They said you'd lose your faith here, they said there'd be no success here. WRONG. This is a blessed land and I have been blessed to teach many many people here. 

This place, this wonderful place, will always be my korean hometown.

Donghae forever.

Love you all!

-Min-taek being me, me being him.
-branch pres, made me squat for a pic