Monday, September 15, 2014

A week of no missionary work :(

September 15,  2014

It's been a most interesting week. Monday, everyone in the mission just cleaned their houses because it was a massive korean holiday. Tuesday was temple day. Then Wednesday to Sunday I was decommissioned by a nasty intestinal virus. Finally managed to leave the house today to renew my visa, an enjoyable 5hr process.

Sooooo not a lot of work happened this week. Which is really sad. But a few highlights:

-We met a sweet less active and ate dinner together. Taught a really great lesson on prayer. Just walking around a park at night, testifying of the simple truths about God and prayer. There was something really beautiful about that. God does hear us, He wants to talk to us, and He will answer. I know it. 

-The sacrament has taking such a big role on my mission. And this week it was especially sacred. Church was a risky excursion from the house, I was feeling pretty sick, and unhappy about the week in general. But as we sang the sacrament hymn, heard the prayers, and partook of the sacrament, a  sweet peace filled my heart. I felt the quiet reaffirmation that the Lord truly suffered for me, He understands exactly how I feel. His grace and mercy are enough to make up for my shortcomings. I can repent. I can be made whole. I can rise up, get better, be better. Really sweet. 

-ONE OF MY OLD INVESTIGATORS GOT BAPTIZED. Only a 15min bus ride away, but NO one told me. Sad. But I taught him as a greenie, a year ago. And finallyyyyyy he's entering the waters. Super cool. A testimony builder. Never give up on people. Keep praying for them. 

The temple is great. Wish I could go every day. 

Love you all. Be healthy, be happy. Do work. 

Elder Rosenberg.

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