Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"I don't shake hands with cult members."

Sept 8,  2014

HA. Probably the funnest thing that happened this week. Talking to a guy who was convinced we're a cult. Didn't have any interest. That's ok. I wished him a good day and stuck out my hand to shake his. "No. I don't shake hands with cult members." HAHAHHA. Poor guy. That caused me launch into to a testimony about how we're all God's children, brothers and sisters, regardless of what we believe, God loves him, I love him, etc. All the time I'm rubbing his arm, just in case I can get some of the cult to wipe off one him.
My companion sort of looks to me after, sort of "how do I react?" But I'm busy pulling out my planner to make of note to write about it in my journal. "These are the money experiences! hahah" He'll learn. 

Anyway, life is grand here in 장위! (jang-wee). It's huge. So many people. The ward is awesome. So many people. We have the stake president's family too, and they are all super sweet. I actually saw the wife working at the temple the day before I came here. 

My son was born at a solid 120ish pounds and 36 ounces. He's full blooded korean. (must of got that from his mom's side.) But went to high school in America. And attends WashU. So he's fluent in both languages, super smart, and way prepared to be a missionary! 이호현 장로님. Elder Ho-Hyun Lee. He's been going so hard this week. It's been sweet. 

We had a big mission conference for a the korean holiday 추석, basically their thanksgiving. President taught us a ton of awesome things, especially about prayer. And he talked a lot about the stats of our mission. For the past 10-15yrs, baptisms have been steadily decreasing. But when president got here in 2012, it stopped. Then in 2013 is slowly increased. And this year, after accounting for the increase of missionaries, the number of baptisms have doubled. After 10 years of decrease, they DOUBLED. That's the effect of a righteous, powerful leader. And evidence that the Lord is hastening His work. 

Just a couple thoughts on prayer. Prayer is the BEST. I've really learned how to pray as a missionary. It's really talking to God, two way, building a relationship. We align our wills with His, submit our hearts, humble ourselves. We ask questions, get answers, offer our gratitude. It's a precious time. I know that God hears our prayers. I know He wants us to talk with Him. We can each improve our prayers in little ways. PMG ch4 has some great ideas. 

2 favorite prayer videos:

Love you all! 
Elder Rosenberg

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