Monday, September 1, 2014

If God had granted me a son...."

Sept 1,  2014

Transfer calls came and reminded me of Les Mis song that MoTab sang...
God's granted me a son! I'm whitewashing an area in Seoul and training new missionary!!!!

This week the drought ended and we found some new investigators! Tons of super sweet miracles. One  investigator, Jin-Soo, reminds me exactly of my old investigator in Gireum that eventually got baptized. Therefore, Jin-Soo is also going to receive baptism! Super nice old man. When we knocked on his door he just yells, "Come in, it's open!" That's a one in about 10,000 experiecne. WOOO!

The other is an old investigator from before I got here. The record says "DO NOT MEET. NOT PREPARED AT ALL!" Well.....that's sad. Because he's now very prepared, accepted a soft baptismal commitment, and is eager to meet us and learn about the gospel. Never give up hope. It was an incredible lesson. Lot's of listening, roping things back to the gospel, Elder Sullivan bringing sweet parables. Lot's of confounding. Lot's of really bold testimony and invitations. Taught with the spirit and he responded under that spirit. 

We had an amazing District Conference (like stake conf).  SOOO good. I learned so much. And understood way more than I did at the last one 6months ago. Super good revelation. The theme was Alma 37:6. Small and simple things. Such an important lesson. The church here is small and simple, but it is STRONG. They have such powerful testimonies. We have incredible leaders who truly love the work. 

So after about 9months here, it's time to leave Donghae. I am incredibly sad. My heart has expanded so much as these people have taught me how to love. I've learned to love more than I ever thought I could. Most of my mission has been spent here in the land of the east sea. It is truly the promised land. I have made such precious relationships and it's so hard to say goodbye. If I don't come back to Korea, I will never see these people again. It's hard. Really hard. Our branch is so great, each member has a special place in my heart. Ah. That's what this is really about. 

But I can leave happy. We started with nothing, but we've now got an area book full of soooo many people that have come a little closer to Christ. They said you'd lose your faith here, they said there'd be no success here. WRONG. This is a blessed land and I have been blessed to teach many many people here. 

This place, this wonderful place, will always be my korean hometown.

Donghae forever.

Love you all!

-Min-taek being me, me being him.
-branch pres, made me squat for a pic

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