Monday, September 29, 2014


Sept 29,  2014

Life. Is. Good.

I'm busier, and have more responsibility and worries than ever before, but it's so GREAT. 
I'm so grateful for the 'load' that provides spiritual traction, that allows me to move forward. 
I am just soooo blessed. 

I had the chance to go on exchanges back in my greenie area, and meet 2 of my old investigators who finally were baptized. One, Brother Kwon, was taught for almost a year and a half before finally getting baptized. Though I couldn't speak but a few words of Korean, he remembered me. "Ahh you helped me move offices like 5 times." (yes we did) He repeated that maybe five times. Even if we lack in the language, we never have to lack in love. Then Brother Ahn, the 76yr old legend. He was so excited to see me. "Rosenberg" is one of the only 4 foreigner names that he knows. His faith is so strong. He has a pile of scriptures and liahonas, topped by a massive magnifying glass. We read Alma 32 together from the children's storybook, and he LOVED it. Every couple sentences, he stop and go back. "Oh, yes, yeah. Exactly Alma. Yes, faith. Umm good seeds. Oh perfect. Tell em alma." So funny. 

Brother Brother is doing well. His friends are not supportive, but he feels the seed beginning to grow, and he can tell that it is good. 

Jun-Lee, our chinese friend, brought another friend, Jing, to our lesson. So cool to see the simple truths of who God is, touch their hearts. 

A couple weeks ago, we met a really cool guy on the street, taught the restoration right there, and gave him a book of mormon. But his phone number got suspended. Then the other night, in the middle of a lesson, he walks up. So we split and taught two lessons, there sitting on benches. His friends told him that our church is a cult, a sham, fake, pretend, so he needed to throw that book away. But he didn't believe them. He's been reading it and feels so good when he does. It was a really cool miracle to have the chance to teach him about the Savior's healing power and how it could heal the wounds he was grieving. 

It's been a crazy week. But I love it all. The Lord loves His children. He will lead them to the truth if they are ready. If we will repent and return to Christ, He will heal us. (3Nephi 9:13). He felt all our pains and afflictions so that He could. And He will. 

Love you all! 

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