Monday, October 6, 2014

Member Present MAGIC

October 6,  2014

We had a big stake sports day this week. Our ward, small but mighty,
pulled a sweeping victory. Thanks to our CRAZY excited members. So
fun. Koreans are just so much more "into it" than americans. They get
excited about even the silliest games and there are NO party poopers.
In the states you wouldn't see a 70yr old woman going HARD at ping
pong and beating a woman half her age......

We really tried to focus on getting members to lessons this week. To
be honest I can probably count the number of members present lessons
one one hand. But that was the past! We taught three this week and I
never want to teach without a member again!
Sure members usely go crazy and mess up your lesson. We emphazized
multiple times that we were going to teach the plan of salvation very
very simply. And then suddenly priesthood, temples, apostasy, and the
history of the Book of Mormon. Not what we were planning. But then it
always ends up ok. Because of the member's influence, our
investigator, who had never even thought about God in his 82 years of
life, prayed out loud for the first time. That's incredible. That's
the power of members.
We taught Brother Brother with a member also. And he committed to be
baptized on the first of november. That's the power of members.
And one of our golden chinese was super touched by our member's
testimony and story. So great.

Members do more than just fellowship/share the occasional testimony.
If you prepare them before hand, ask them to review the section in PMG
you want them to teach, then they can be SO effective. They can play a
crucial role. The best is having the member commit the investigator.

Member present magic.

I've also been thinking about miracles this week. I read "Miracles are
the natural result of the correct application of true principles." If
we live right, work right, and are aware, we SHOULD see miracles. Lots
of them. I've almost come to feel that they seem common. But in a way,
they are. Simply the natural result of following heavenly laws. The
Lord loves us, and is so invested in His work. There can be sooo many
miracles if we're worthy.

This message is true. It changes lives, it softens hearts, it teaches
how to be cleansed from sin. We are given peace in this life, and
enabled to return to our Heavenly Father again. It's simple. It's
soooo logically complete.
And it's true.

Love you all!

--Our district(minus one, and plus an AP) at stake sports day!
--korean picnic!
--our medals for winning FIRST PLACE it says the church name and "THE BEST"
--a member at our house at 11pm, fixing the emergency flooding that
occurred last night....

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