Monday, October 27, 2014

Octopus and Halloween

October 27,  2014

Good news! We finally have a working phone again! It took 4 phones and 2 SIM cards, but we're back in action!

We had a ROCKIN halloween party this week. Way fun. Planned and run by the missionaries, and a few member kids brought friends! Wooohoo! The highlights were "water pong" , "tombstone bowling" , and "touch gross things in boxes game". 
The touch gross things game was the glorious creation of Elder Lee and I. You've played it in America, with spaghetti and cauliflower, right? Well you haven't played it with live eels and octopus have you? Stick your hand in, think it's just spaghetti....then it grabs you. BAHHH! 
We had the ward dying in laughs and screams. 

Church was incredibly uplifting this week. The whole stake presidency spoke, pretty much a preview for stake conf next week. I had brought some serious questions, really needed answers. The day before we listened to a pres eyring talk about receiving revelation. He instructed us to pray that God would speak to us through the church speakers. Well, God did speak. I was overwhelmed and overcome by the outpouring of love and inspiration that I felt that day. The Lord truly will speak to us if we are ready, and willing. 

The biggest miracle this week? Brother Choi. 
He approached us on the street a couple weeks ago, but we couldn't meet until this week. Turns out he's an old investigator who liked church but then dropped because he got offended. Well, he's been reading the Book of Mormon and is convinced that he was wrong. He told us that the book IS the word of God, and pulled out his marked copy to prove it. He started reading verses and testifying of it's veracity. WHAT. We asked him if that meant he thought the church was true to. "If I didn't think it was true, I wouldn't be here!" So we opened up to Mos 18. "If this be the desire of your hearts, what have ye against being baptized?" It was such a powerful moment, so perfect, as if Alma was speaking directly to brother Choi. He's getting baptized the 15th. 

Then on wednesday he called us, apparently on a bus. He moved to southern korea. WHAT. So that was sad. 
Then he called back a couple days later. He moved back. Something about the 99 and 1 sheep. 
He's still reading. And came to halloween. And is definitely getting baptized. A really special guy (He gets up and starts yelling and stomping in our lessons. just really excited.) 

It's been a good week. 3 baptismal dates. Lot's of fun with the ward. The Lord is blessing us SO much. 

Loveyou all! 

--phones 1 through 4. 
--the scary boxes. 
-district lunch at a mcdonalds knockoff

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  1. I don't think I ever play that 'gross things in a box' game, mostly because I don't want to touch gross things, but that would have been way funny to watch other people! And go you with the 3 baptisms!!! The Lord is obviously putting you to good use!!