Monday, November 3, 2014

Family Reunion

November 2,  2014

We had stake conference this week, with the ward of my greenie area, and it was like a family reunion! So many family faces, so many beloved memories. I LOVE this place. I love this people.

Stake conference was sweet; the area 70, Elder Jeong, gave some incredible talks, so personalized to us, so by the spirit. And in the saturday session, he had everyone friend the stake president on a social media app, then attached the stake president's phone to a projector. He'd  ask questions then have people post them on the president's page, so we all could see them. Super cool. He had us split into groups and discuss then post, then he'd read and discuss with us. Super cool new ways to learn the gospel. Technology can be such a blessing.

Brother Choi is still golden as ever. We met him and taught him the commandments in one sitting, just one after another. Boom Boom Boom. He testified about each one and committed to do it all. He drinks coffee, but he's going to stop. His only problem is that his work sometimes has him work on sundays. But he'll be ready for his baptism in two weeks! 

President interviews, always a blast. Apparently he told another missionary "Trials? Oh Elder Rosenberg LOVES trials..." 

We ate dinner in my greenie area for conference. We got to go to a less active's restaurant that I visited a couple times back in the day. I was so excited to see the less active sister! Somehow she remembered me, even though I spoke not a single word to her back then. Just smiled everytime we passed her resteraunt. Well, she was happy to see me and kept giving us more and more food. Just loading us up. And serving us before anyone else. It was such a sweet moment. It's the relationships we build that are the most precious. Sure she hasn't come back to church, but she feels the love of Christ. And she knows someone cares. 

Cool going on exchanges this week with the new missionary, Elder Houston. Such a good kid. He's been here for only a few weeks, but he''s trying so hard. It's incredible. When we start, we dont' know ANY korean. Like he didn't understand really anything anyone said. But he'd just walk up to people and start talking. Saying the only things he could, which was a testimony of our message. So miraculous. How could we have that kind of courage if we were not supported by divine aid? And he's way better at korean than I was..... but we go and we do. 

The Lord prepares people. We just need to go out, act in faith, and find them! Fear not man. Be of good cheer for Christ has overcome the world. 

Love you all! 
Elder Rosenberg

--just elders of israel.
--crab pizza
--our stake center
beautiful korea

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