Monday, November 17, 2014

Heart! 하트!

November 17,  2015

The primary program was this week. That means all the little kids at
church got up and sort of sang, sort of hid, sort of just acted really
cute during church on sunday.
The best part was when a little boy got up, said he's lines, then
yelled "Heart!" And through his arms up in a heart. We all meltedddd.

Brother Choi is back! He came to church this week, actually listened
to most of gospel principles class! He only gave a  little sermon at
the end. He participated eagerly in priesthood, and the members were
all really patient with him. He's excited for the 29th as his new
baptismal date. Transfers are the week we'll see if I"m
still around! Thanks for all your prayers and love. He's almost there!

We met a nice grandpa from North Korea this week. Told us to stop
knocking doors late at night (7pm) but let us in because I'm a
foreigner. He gave us some special mountain water that will make you
live forever. or something. He's in his 80s, but looks 60, so I'd
believe it. He said he escaped from the north during the war, under
cover of american gun fire, leaving his dead family behind. Then lived
barely above starving for many years. It's people like this that made
korea, the country it is. People with iron wills to survive, to climb,
to live. Sadly, his hard life had jaded his hard to God. "There is no
God. I don't need him. You can't tell me He exists." We testified, but
he just kept protesting. Finally the prompting came, "Do you want to
see your family again?" " Of course, but I can't." We testified that
he would. That there is a life after this, that because of Jesus
Christ, we will all live again. He just stopped. No more arguing. He
didn't accept it. But he couldn't argue with it. There is something
about a pure, spiritually directed statement of testimony that can't
be denied. It can be rejected, but not denied. And in the moment I
knew again for myself that this IS all true.

The spirit played a huge role in another family's lesson this week.
Charlie and Andrea. Korean, 45, and Filipino, 23, respectively. The
first family I've ever taught on my mission! We brought a member, but
that led to.....well, the usually member present fun. Despite the plan
for a simple overview of the restoration, we were treated to a run
down of the entire plan of salvation, and a detailed bit of Book of
Mormon history. All of which poor Andrea could not understand
(korean......). But Elder Lee and I were praying like crazy. "Heavenly
Father don't punish us for bringing a member. He means well. Please
touch their hearts. Please help us to follow the spirit." Well,
somehow Charlie understood some points about the Book of Mormon that
we'd been struggling with him. My companion beautifully summarized it
all, then roped us back to the Book of Mormon blesses families. We
asked some inspired questions to andrea. Then we felt prompted to open
to Mos2 and read about how the gospel could bless their family, how
the Book of Mormon could answer their questions. The spirit was strong
as we closed. Though we had been dragged wayyyy from what we'd
planned, the spirit helped them get what they needed. And I was so
touched as we closed.

The Lord truly guides His work. If we really trust that we will be
given what to say in the very moment and just open our mouths, it WILL
work out. The promise is true in d&C 84:85. I know it.

Love you all!

--some AMAZING charcoal beef....
--11/11 is 빼빼로 Day. they're like "pocky" those chocolate covered stick
snacks. But they have MASSIVE one's. And oreo covered ones. ahhhh sooo
good. It's actually a holiday.
--according to this chart I read, Pres Monson is ranked as the most
powerful american over 80yrs old. More than jimmy carter, warren
buffet, and a couple other famous people. why? "he is supreme
commander over worldwide missionary work" hahhah
--chestnut snacks. taste and feel like little slimy brains. but
apparently they're healthy? So says Elder Lee...

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