Monday, November 10, 2014

Welfare and Farewell

November 10, 2014

It was a crazy week this week. But two highlights: Setting up a
service project at a children's social welfare center and attending
the funeral for a member's father.

The Social Welfare Center:
A lady runs this little place that takes care of about 11 kids, ages
3-19, homeless, abused, and lonely. We are going to be teaching
english/doing activities there once a week from now on. Super excited.
We went and played with the kids for a while on the playground this
week. At first they all just sort of started at the white kid, then
started shouting "foreigner!" And within a few minutes I had little
korean kids clinging all over me. They're all SUPER cute, and
hilarious. Playing tag, hide and seek, just talking to them, ahhhh
melted my heart. There's a reason why Jesus liked being around little
children. And it reminded me so much of summer camp staff.

We are in a pretty poor area of Seoul and there are sooo many homeless
and troubled people here. This little place serves but a tiny fraction
of those in need. Some would say it's a hopeless cause. As I thought
about it this week, I was reminded of something Mother Teresa said
"The work of Christian service is not about statistics." It's not
about numbers, it's about individuals. And it means the world to each
of those little kids.

Our missionary work is much the same. Someone calculated it: if we
wanted to talk to everyone in Seoul, we'd each have to serve a 17yr
mission. It's just not possible to keep up. But it's not a work of
stats, it's a work of miracles. We don't do it man's way, we do it the
Lord's way. The Savior was always reaching out to the one, always
caring for the individual. And that's how we do it, one contact, one
investigator, one day at a time. The Lord truly guides us as we do it
His way. That's true for full time and member missionaries.

The Funeral:
Brother Park in our ward, his father passed away this week. Our ward
had a finally service at a traditional korean funeral center. It was a
very enlightening cultural experience. Each of us were given a chance
to place a flower before a picture of the deceased brother and to say
a short prayer, then bow to the family. (If you want to learn more
about korean funeral's google it.) But more than the culture, it was
the spirit that struck me. Honestly I don't think I've ever been to a
funeral service that I can remember. But the spirit in the room was
very interesting. Definitely sad, but with a lighter, hopeful
atmosphere. The light of gospel truth shining into what could have
been a dark moment. The speakers spoke of healing and the plan of
salvation. They bore testimony that we would see this father again,
that he would indeed live again. But the most powerful part was when a
13yr old deacon's letter was read before the group. "I've never met
you, but I felt your influence, thanks for supporting our activities.
It's sad you're gone, but I know you're happy in the spirit world now.
And we'll meet again. So it's not so sad." Not an eye in the room was
left dry.

Those truths are real. We lived before this earth and we will live
after it as well. "There is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath
no victory,and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ." (mos

I know that to be true.

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

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